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What Do You Guys Do for Bacne?

Its starting to get bad. I got some tea tree oil (or something) body wash. Apparently that makes it worse before better though so I wanna hold
Off a bit.

It seems like once my levels were stabil for a while it got better on its own. Having my wife wash my back with soap and then some fancy charcoal face scrub after helped me as well. Seems like anytime I made a change in levels it would flair back up until I leveled out.

Ya. I got a back rub brush thing and I am using lots of soap. I too hope once my body gets use to the extra test it sorts itself out (only been 3 months)

Went ugl and got some accutane. Did a low dose for about 30 days. Fixed it right up!

I’ve heard E2 can be a cause. You might want to get a blood test.

Consider lowering your dose as well.


Yikes don’t scrub it your gonna create scars for life. Yah if it’s e2 you wanna know. Are you doing twice weekly or more frequent?

not the healthiest thing for your skin, but getting some sun or tanning once or twice a week will help.

Also shower in the morning and before bed. Some people are just more prone to it. Are you taking test cypionate, enanthate, Sust, prop? Enanthate was way better for me than cypionate in the bacne department.

Hm. Don’t scrub? I’ll keep that in mind. I’ll use he brush mostly just to hit the very centre of my back from now on.

Twice weekly.

Gonna get estrogen levels in about two months with my next bloodwork. The acne is on my back and shoulders. I got some tea tree oil body wash that’s suppose to help.

For me a big thing is sugar and particularly dairy intake. If I cut those out completely its pretty much zero.

Another thing is don’t over-wash it. Doing too much with scrubbing and washing can leave the skin damaged and dry, and your bodies natural response to that will be to have the skin produce more oil. Vicious downward spiral.

You don’t want to put oil. It’s acne prone because of the oily skin. Just keep it dry and don’t oil it. I’d say lotions ok depending on the type. Just don’t scrub. That doesn’t do anything. The acne is coming from under the skin to the top.

Also, Benzoyl Peroxide soap at max strength helped.

I didn’t say put oil on it, I said if you dry your skin out perpetually you can make your skin more oily as it fights back. I spent a LONG time with very bad acne, and took me a long time to realise you can do too much and sometimes less is more.

Just an update. I went from 1cc (500 iu?) twice a week to .8cc (400iu). It’s only been two months and my bacne hasn’t changed. Mind you, at 1cc my test was 39. Way over the average (which is why I went down). I’ll probably get another blood test in April. Should I continue at .8cc and see if my body regulates itself or go down to .5 (250).

This is just hcg btw. I take hcg and serm.

I just got oxy pads. I’ll start using those.

which serm?