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What do you guys do for a living?

I was just curious what all you folks do as your career or job. Right now I’m a student.

I’m a student and a personal trainer

web developer … anyone looking to have a site designed?? LOL

Croatian equivalent of Bachelor’s degree in Business informatics. Working as a backup engineer for a German company’s outpost in Croatia that is providing customer support for American company’s software. Not exactly having lots of fun, but well… one’s got to earn money for the protein…

Senior Network Engineer. (geek)

I’ll be entering my senior year at John Jay College in NYC. I’ll graduate with a B.S. in Forensic Psychology, but i never really got into it. So then I’ll be off to grad school studying Special Education. I plan on doing behavioral assessment and play therapy with Autistic children. I’d also like to do some sort of writing on the side. And maybe be a famous singer, an astranaut, president, and a microwave.

"MB Eric: The lean, mean, thrilling machine since 1777."


Professional firefighter with a computer programming (mainframe) part time job.

uphill water coaster and waterslide designer for water/theme parks. also design the support structures and write the software we use to do all the design work. it can be fun as long certain “personalities” here at the office stay out our way. :o)

taste tester

Assistant Office Manager for British news service. Part time Personal Trainer. Hopeing o drop the office job soon and dedicate my efforts to open a gym.

Director Of Business Development for an internet company in VA

I wanted to be a pimp and a porn star but
God has unfortunately played a cruel joke
on me and I am hung like a pigeon so instead,
I am a steroid guru.

Could be worse though…


I live off my girlfriend…but hey!! I get to sleep 14hrs, eat 8-9 meals, and workout twice everyday.

Well i am in school for accounting, well actually taxation now…after i finish that up i’m heading to law school to study corp. law.

All I’ve ever done for a living since school is edit magazines for record collectors and rock’n’roll fanatics. At the same time, I’ve always dabbled in athetic pursuits, from triathlons a long time ago (and many pounds ago) to running to biking. Always lifting. Now I occupy my spare hours managing the John M. Berardi Fan Club.

Own an investement advisory firm

Brock, I too have the same affliction. However, I was able to overcome this, uh, shortcoming and follow my dream into the adult film star realm. How, do you ask? Midget Porn!

I am a network engineer for Bank of Amercia. I bet a large percentage of people on this forum are in a computer related field due to the fact we are probably the only ones with time to sit on this forum all day and talk.

I own a health food store(dream come true!) and promote a very large regional drug-free bodybuilding show.

Office cubicle drone, but couldn’t ask for a better drone job, with part-time interests that make cubicle droning bearable, such as race car driving/instruction and an appreciation for fine women.