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What Do You Fear


Chime in and let T-Nation know what you fear!

Here are the guidlines:
Pick two things you fear.

One must be life threatening or aletring in a major way (no "I fear death")
*i.e. getting cancer.

The second one must be light hearted and/or non-life threatening
*i.e. sneezing in a public place and blowing out a smelly fart in the process and everyone looks at you.

Mine are:

  1. Given a time frame for which a loved one will die from something. (Immediate family members or pets)

  2. Having a terrible case of diarrhea, being in a public indoor place and not being able to find a bathroom!



Spiders. Those ugly fuckers.


Bugs, man. Big, nasty, fucking bugs. Spiders too. Damn I hate them.

Bees, too. And this one is life-threatening.


Eww, PGA!


Amen, Finch.


Hey, that scares the shit out of me (pun intended)!

  1. Buried Alive

  2. That my 1.5 million life insurance policy we just renewed is for "accidental" or a natural causes of death.


1: Losing control of myself (like Alzheimer's or Parkinsons)

2: Sleeping in through a final exam (almost happened to me this year)


I'm having a hard time with this life threatening one. So I'll have to get back to ya, but the light hearted one was easy. I am afraid to shit in a public restroom with others in the room. Not because of the smell but some of those squeaky ass farts. They do not sound manly.


I know i'll probably get called bullshit on,but I don't have any real fears.

Things I wouldn't like would be

1 being tortured, blades cutting me slowlow or even being forced to watch other people endure torture. It makes me physically i'll but I can't say i'm actually afraid of it.

3 Finding myself in a situation with a couple hot nympho chics who want to do naughty things to eachother and me and somehow fucking it up.


  1. Being diagnosed with Alzheimers, or just not being able to wipe my own ass.

  2. People are going to find out I really don't actually do any work and only hang out on forums all day.

  1. Anything, I mean ANYTHING happening to my kids. Just couldn't handle it.

  2. Bees, those buzzing little fuckers. I hate them for the mere fact they make me look like an idiot whenever one is around.



  1. Crashing in a Airplane...Christ that would be the worst.

  2. Getting a phone call from a girl who clearly knows me but I have NO idea who she is.

  1. Pirates

  2. Spider crickets

  1. Doing something to cause harm to someone I care about or a little child.

  2. Having diarrhea during a grappling match. :frowning:


Wow, seems like a lot of people fear SHIT in some form another!


Getting paralyzed.

Hot women.


I am terrified of losing one or multiple limbs. freaks me out.

And STDs. I had a vindictive ex freak me out telling me i needed to get tested because it was serious blah blah blah. thinking you might have HIV or even something non-fatal yet permanent like herpes for 2 weeks is pretty shitty, so i wont fuck around without a magnum handy ever again.

oh, and now i have a policy of shooting exes. Its just better that way.


1) Going to prison.

2) Touching velvety things makes my fucking skin crawl, like hearing nails on a chalkboard. We have a pillow made with this kind of material in our apartment, and if my gf chased me around with it I'd run away like a little girl. The only reason I haven't set the damn thing on fire is the American flag printed on it.