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What Do You Eat...


For breakfast
Before sleeping

Please give a justification for whatever food selection you make.


Breakfast - P shake + fruit (orange or apple usually) + 6-8 flax seed oil caps

or sometimes I'll have some eggs (whole + some whites) with a smaller p shake and then an apple

PreWorkout - Similar to breakfast, as my breakfast is usually my pre-workout meal.

Before night - Eggs cooked in peanut oil w some cheese or ground sirloin patties

The breakfast and p workout meals are perfect for me because I've always preferred lighter meals prior to training as my body can quickly digest them and I don't feel 'full' while I'm in there training. At night, I think P + F is most effective...and I love both eggs and sirloin.



Breakfast: Banana, Kiwi, Orange, Mulit-grain cheerios to replenish lost glycogen from the night before along with 7 egg whites and 2 whole eggs. (Could get 12 egg whites and 2 eggs at school but now that I'm home again it's not all I can eat lol...)

Preworkout: Oatmeal (for fiber to slow digestion of rest of food), protein shake (drink half then and sip throughout workout), 1 cup orange juice (right before)

Before Sleeping: 2 slice whole grain bread with omega-3 enriched PB slathered on, veggies, cottage cheese, and 1/3 gallon skim milk to just get as much protein in me as possible to help me through the night. I agree with the P + F before bed. I just add in the bread since I don't know how else I'd eat my PB, plus I'm at that blessed young age where my body can pretty much absorb carbs at this point lol...


Breakfast - Test
Pre - D Bol
Post - Tren

Why? cause i am bad ass, duh.


For breakfast:

100g oats
45g whey80

Because I am dieting and oats are king.


40g oats
20g whey80
20g nesquik

Because it's easy and i love oats. The nesquik for fast carbs and because I have neutral proteinpowder.

Before sleeping

25g kasein
25g all natural peanutbutter
60g cottage cheese

No carbs and slow digested protein + healthy fats.


Seriously though, Eggs and toast with breakfast
Banana and shake pre workout, and caesin with peanut butter before bed.



Breakfast-40/30/30: my favorite is eggs with turkey sausages and a bowl of honey nut cheerios. Also have Casein protein shake mixed with milk and Omega-3s every morning.

Pre Workout-70/30/0: Casein/Whey mix and complex carbs like oats + fruit.

Before sleeping:50/10/40: Casein shake with milk, almonds, lean meats, Omega-3 supplement, pussy (if I'm lucky)


Whatever hits my macros for the day

because that is what body composition is truly dependant on

And I like variety you 'eat the same shit everyday' mofos


^^^ this.

Breakfast: whatever I feel like.

Pre/workout: whatever I feel like (if training is an hour or more away), OR whey protein & simple carbs (if training in 30 minutes of less & haven't eaten in over 2 hours)

Before bed: whatever allows me to hit my macro goals for the day.


Breakfast: (Hi GI Carb Day)
-whey and 1 egg in a shake
-bowl of cheerios and whole milk

Pre Workout: (Hi GI Day)
-6 turkey meat balls on a white bun with sauce and grated cheese.

Before Sleeping (every day)
-1/2C cottage cheese
-28g almonds
-fish & flax oils


I'm throwing a change up...currently on Rapid Fat Loss.

Breakfast -1.5 c egg whites, 1/2 c fat free cottage cheese, 15 broccoli florets

Pre-WO - 20g whey

Before bed - 50g Casein

A whopping 1,300 cal diet has about two more meals thrown in there somewhere.




Breakfast - usually 2 whole eggs and 8 egg whites scrambled, and a bowl of fibre one. With a tall glass of Superfood and 6 grams of fish oil

Pre workout- protein shake consisting of 30 grams of protein and sometimes a banana

Before Bed- approx. 50 grams of casein

This is for bulking.


4 whole eggs (protein)
2 turkey sausage links (more protein)
oatmeal w/ peanut butter, cinnamon and blueberries (complex carbs)
1 tsp. fish oil (2800mg)

1 whole sweet potato (complex carbs)
24g whey (protein, BCAAs)

Before Bed:
1 cup cottage cheese (casein protein)
handful of almonds (fats)
glass of milk (calcium, protein)