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What Do You Eat While at Work?


I have been a vegetarian till a short while ago so I know dick about meat. As of now, most of my meat comes from steaks and chicken breasts I eat outside or the turkey breast patties I cook at home. At work, I have been eating peanuts/almonds/cashews and drinking whey with water. This does not seem optimal- so - looking for ideas for meat based snacks that I can throw in the microwave and eat.

Thanks for inputs in advance.


Beef jerkey. Turkey jerky. Deer jerky.


To be quite honest venison/deer jerky is da bomb diggity.

I often times bring a meal from home, maybe some chicken and rice or I'll get a pepporoni roll from the pizza place next door but that's only when I can't bare the hunger and I am working a long shift. Things are so damn good though.


Cook your food at home, place it in tupperware, and bring it work.

I do it everyday. You get what you wan't, at a much better price, and can pick everything that goes into it. Plain and simple.



delicious, and exotic


I bring boiled eggs, nuts, apples and cheese - these are other things you can bring along. I should consider Jerky now, that's a good idea.


workmates tend to bitch bout eggs and tuna though (its food, course it fucking smells!)


jerky, all types. lots of almonds. if you have a fridge stash some hardboiled eggs, peanut butter, and deli turkey. i have a small fridge in my shop loaded with food.


Pretty much bring the same thing into work every day. I usually pack a container with 16-24 ounces of chicken or lean steak, a container of rice or whole wheat pasta (enough for 3 meals, amount varies), and i'll either pour olive oil on the meat or bring natural peanut butter for fat.


I've recently discovered the joy of thickly sliced gourmet bacon cooked at home and refrigerated at work. It's like bacon jerky.

I eat hard boiled eggs, cottage cheese with almond butter or peanut butter and cinnamon, whatever meat I ate the night before as leftovers on a big pile of spinach and tomatoes.



I cook up some ground chuck, throw some cheese in there, etc and eat it. Also whey shakes of course.


Right, but jerky has already been mentioned, what need is there for other food?