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What Do You Eat on a Typical Day?

I was just curious on how all you guys eat on any given day.

I want to start meal prepping. Luckily I have the luxury of either my wife having time to prepare dinner for us or I am at home. I work three 14 hour shifts a week, so it works out quite well.

But I do want to start prepping and get into the practice of doing it. So I’d like to view how everyone else eats.

Mine usually goes:

Meal 1 - Fish, Rice, Fruit, Tea/Coffee
Meal 2 - Chicken, Veggies
Meal 3 - Meal from outside somewhere (burger or chipotle usually)
Meal 4 - Fish, Rice, Ton of Veggies, Soup, Kimchi, Tea
Meal 5 - Fruit, Cheese, Wine (or Gin depending on night)

IIFYM #flexibledietlyf


  • Toast x2, butter, eggs x3 plus salsa and a carrot ; or
  • shake; or
  • wholegrain cereal; or
  • if training: whey, milk and banana (followed by instant noodles after training)


  • either a chicken/rice stew: or
  • chicken pasta soup; or
  • left over dinner; or
  • chicken sandwiches; or
  • asian noodle soup (chicken or gyoza)


  • steak/chicken with brocolli and potato/rice
  • burritos (usually just chicken/beef in a wrap with salad rather than actual burritos )
  • chicken or beef with pasta
  • sausages with mashed potato and cauliflower
  • lamb chops with salad
  • chicken soup
  • pizza
  • burgers
  • I feel there’s more I cycle through…

I also try have some fruit, nuts and yoghurt perhaps a proteib or nut bar through the day. I’ll also have a mid norning coffee.

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I should also add, sometimes I have dessert (once to twice per week) and it ranges from yoghurt and fruit if I am bring good to ice cream and chocolate sauce if I’m not.

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Meal 1-12 egg whites with 2 yolks scrambled, one cup of steel cut oatmeal with cinnamon and strawberries, one plain sweet potatoe, water w/lemon, Cup of black coffee.
Meal 2- half a cup of plain almond/plain walnut mix, one quest bar
Meal 3- half lb lean ground turkey with stir fry veggies,1/4 cup white rice, 8oz black beans and ketchup all mixed together.
Meal 4- one met-Rx shake
Meal-5baked skinless chicken breast, 8oz mixed veggies, one plain sweet potato.
Meal 6- 8oz of baked tilapia, mixed veggies, sweet potato
Meal 7-casein protein shake, 8oz almond/walnut mix.
With all solid meals I drinks 12 oz of water

Meals 2,3,4 and 5 are at work(10 hour days) I usually work out a after meal 5. I didn’t include my whey protein shake with creatine after my 4 day a week workouts.

I usually sub lean ground beef for the turkey twice a week and since I love hamburgers I will have one with no cheese(lactose intolerant)once every other week.

I don’t count a thing
I cook with whole foods and try to make as many pastes and sauces myself as possible.
I’ve found I can eat as much as I want this way and I’m pretty lean all the time. Sometimes I eat three times a day with snacks, other times only twice, I let my body dictate how much I need to eat and when

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I genuinely find that very impressive. Did you make the conscious decision to eat without excessive planning? Do you feel that going vegetarian helps/helped you get lean?

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I have a ‘roster’ of foods that make up around 90 per cent of what I eat. Makes tracking calories and macros a lot easier.

Over time some foods move up or down on the roster depending on what I want to do, what’s cheap and what I feel like. Some never really move. For example, some kind of white fish (usually basa) is my main protein source with breakfast. I also almost always eat oats in some form once a day.

Because I now only really eat carbs around training and I train depending when I work, things vary a bit more in when I eat them, but what I eat doesn’t change much.

One thing I did notice is my carb sources changed a fair bit when I stopped trying to lose fat and moved to staying lean. My carb intake didn’t change massively, but where I got them from did.

Losing fat:

  • oats
  • white potato
  • white rice
  • rice cakes

Staying lean

  • oats
  • Nutrigrain, Milo flakes
  • jam
  • sourdough bread
  • banana

Breakfast immediately upon rising is 2 waffles made from “kodiak power” mix (Costco) and 2 cups black tea. Then I workout.
Breakfast #2 is 3-4 eggs, fried in some form of pork fat (bacon or sausage drippings, 1g/egg), 3 chicken sausage links, a big scoop of sauerkraut, sautéed onions and peppers, and some really hot sauce. Maybe another cup of tea.
Lunch(es) are:

2-3 salads topped with 2-3oz of meat. 1-2 servings of nuts. 1 serving of olive oil in vinaigrette. If it’s a refeed day I am adding rice, sweet potatoes, or white potatoes to the mix.
Dinner is 6oz meat with a fuckton of veggies.
Prebed I eat 20-40g of raw rolled oats mixed with 1-2 Tbs of nut butter with cinnamon. I crave this all day!

Everything is variable depending on how much I actually consume throughout the day.
I eat lowish carbs for 3-4 days then throw in a 300g refeed. Kcals are around 2750, as low as 2450, as high as 3000.

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Meal one is usually 4-6 whole eggs with rye bread in the morning with a banana and greek yogurt.

Meal two is usually canned chicken (lol) with lemon, microwaved and eaten with some nuts.

My third meal is usually some gargantuan disgusting amalgamation of flesh, vegetables and cookies.

Staples are nuts, v8, greek yogurt, eggs and oatmeal/rye bread. I fucking love burgers btw.

Breakfast: High bran + lots of milk & protein powder + powderised flax seed.

Lunch: Tuna mayo salad sandwich or something similar.

Pre-work-out: Strong cup of coffee (or energy drink) + creatine + some thing like an apple (occassionally a small chocolate bar etc).

Tea/post work-out meal: Chicken/beef/tuna + pasta/rice/beans whatever! Basically something which is both very protein and carb rich with veggies.

Early supper: half a large yoghurt with a scoop of whey protein.

Yeah pretty much a conscious decision. The article the simple diet for athletes helped me to just identify groups of food, like @MarkKO with his roster of foods. I don’t necessarily think being a vegetarian is the cause, certainly not the absence of meat. I definitely think I cook more now, because a lot of Veggo options to eat out are complete garbage, and I probably eat triple the amount of veg I used to. If anyone increases their nutritional profile by adding more veggies and removing crap then I think you’d see the same benefits.
Basically I try to eat little to no processed sugar or trans fats and I find I’m fine.
I get my fats from coconut oil and olive oil, hemp and flax seeds
Protein from lentils, beans, oats but barely any tofu and whatever is in the veg I eat. There’s a few grams here and there in potatoes etc so it adds up. I supplement with a male specific multivitamin and also take individual zinc supplements
Carbs come from fruits and starchy vegetables, rice and some processed grains like bread or pasta, though lately I’ve been loving zucchini noodles just because they taste awesome fried in a little olive oil

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