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What Do You Eat on a Regular Day?

One meal, once a week. I alternate between a super high fat meal and a super high carb meal. I tend to gravitate more toward high fat, but every once in a while I need carbs. Even then, for carbs, it’s more breads and starches. Maybe once every 4 months I’ll eat something really sugary, and then I’ll regret it, haha.

I stick to my Macros per meal probably within a 98% error margin so that I can eat what I want within reason. Unless I’m close to a certain goal/event when I go stricter, I only have a true cheat meal where I don’t count macros if I’m told I get one.

As long as I can eat most anything I want within reason ( bread, pasta, potatoes, tortillas ) I dont’ really see a need to have a true cheat meal.

Once every othere week or so I’ll have a “Treat me” meal where I do something fancy that’s not prepped beef/chicken. This weekend it’s a strip steak with some assorted things from the olive bar at Kroger that have been drained of the oil. So I wont add fats to that meal since the strip steak and the olive bar stuff will have probably a bit more than I normally have, oh and roasted green beans with some mashed sweet potatoes.

No breakfast

Muay Thai or 531 training at 6.am after Cit Malate, HMB and Beta alanine pre.
After training (1.5 hours) - Apple to fill liver glycogen

lunch, chicken/beef/salmon 200g
Vegetables and 150g (cooked) rice
About 80g protein, 60g carbs and 20 fat

Dinner, after another MT session
Same as lunch + sugar free dessert pudding (almond milk, banana, raisins and oats mixed in) Greek yogurt and sugar free choc syrup on top + choc sprinkles
About 100g protein - 200g carbs and 25 fat

Fish and coconut oil with both meals

Totals, about 180 pro 260 carbs and 50 fat

About 2500 cals (body recomping right now)


Wednesday lunch
Friday dinner
Saturday breakfast or lunch

Usually one more - I just try not to go nuts

I try not to plan a cheat anymore, particularly when in a calorie deficit. It is summer and there will be occasions where you go out and want to enjoy yourself, more often than you think.

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I cheat every other Christmas … :sweat_smile:


Won’t you at last have the decency to remove your profile from T-nation? This is no place for the weak-willed indulgers!


:grimacing: No need to be rude!

yeah I don’t plan the shit either. It’s always just social occasions and it’s rare I’d ever have more than one or two of those in a week anyway

[quote]Wednesday lunch
Friday dinner
Saturday breakfast or lunch

Usually one more - I just try not to go nuts[/quote]

why so specific?

The guy who does my nutrition has Shelby Starnes do his, so when he gets a cheat meal and wants to go out that usually means somehow I get a cheat meal in my programming :slight_smile:

Like most have said I plan for family events and holidays as cheats, maybe once a week I’ll eat something that’s not typically on my menu, (pizza, frozen yogurt mostly) but always do my best to set up for them so I can utilize them. Before the big July 4 BBQ I had a couple of low carb days, a little Plazma and hit legs, then went to the BBQ, that kind of thing.

Having recently come of 6 months of dieting and prepping, I have a new appreciation for the off season and want to make the most of it, but I also don’t want to lose the progress I’ve made. I’ll eat clean the majority of the time, but when the occasion arises I’ll enjoy myself moderately while not going overboard, and typically I’ll know these occasions are coming up and will factor them into my daily calories.

Wednesday I catch up with old friends, it’s usually pizza.
Friday I go out with the better half
Saturday I go to my folks or have breakfast out.

so this is my really awesome fun diet that I actually really love:

4-AM plazma
5-7: gym
7-8: mag 10
9-10: 4.2 OZ chicken, 1/2 cup white rice, spinach/asparagus
12-1: 4.2 OZ chicken 1/4 cup quinoa, peppers/zuchinni
something another mag 10 if I get off work early between 3-4
5-6: bison OR beef patty, 1/2 cup sweet potato, enough steamed veggies to feed a family of 6 for 2 months
7: protein powder for desert
8: bed time

I have basically eaten that for 2 years and I still think OMG WHY IS THIS BROOCOLI SO DELISH every night :laughing:

Breakfast: 6:30AM

9oz Ground beef (or steak or beef stew or sometimes chicken thighs with ccno) with veggies

Snack #1: 9:00AM

Macadamia Nuts and Almonds

Lunch #1: 11:30AM

10-12 oz Beef Chuck (or top round) with veggies

Lunch #2: 4:00PM

9oz Ground beef (or steak or beef stew) with veggies

Snack #2 (PreWorkout): 5:00PM

Quest bar and Tier 1 PreWO

Post Workout Shake: ~7:30PM

4-6 eggs
35g whey
35g almond butter
1 cup of whole milk

Dinner: ~9:00PM

Fill remaining calorie requirements with:
WildBoar Sausage, eggs, fish oil, nuts, whey

Generally around 3100 cal, 290gP, 25-30g net carbs, 202g fat to maintain at 205 lbs BW lifting 4 times a week performing HIT once to twice a week. I carbup for 12-24hrs on Saturday with ~5-6k calories of 60% carbs, 20%P, and 20%F.

I JUST posted this in my log and then came here to see if any interesting threads popped up.

"Okay, today’s dietary intake rundown is pretty representative of what I’m eating on a daily basis. Not the same food every day, but similar quantities, calories and timing.

6oz bacon wrapped filet mignon - 503 cal 45.5g fat 43g protein
Espresso and fats - 180 cal 20g fat

6 am until whenever I feel like stopping
black coffee at work

830 am - snack
Today was 3 guacamole deviled eggs - let’s assume there was 1/4 an avocado in there - 350 cal 25 g fat 28 g protein

11 am - lunch
Today was “The Lunch” - 770 cal 60g fat 18g carb 49g protein

130 pm - snack
Pineapple blueberry coconut milk smoothie with vanilla protein - 1/4 whole pineapple about 1/2 cup blueberries 1/2 cup coconut milk + 2 scoops protein powder = 2 servings at 310 cal 9g fat 20g carb 24 g protein each

3 pm - break
I’ve been leaving coffee around 10 am and hitting the tea at 3 pm break.

430 - off, head to gym
20g bcaa, 20g dextrose and some flavory stuff in a liter of ice water - 70 cal 20 g carbs
Post shake - 40g dextrose 2g ALCAR 24g protein in water

7ish - Dinner
1/2 lb beef patties, cup of steamed white rice, soy sauce and chili paste to taste. As brainless as that meal sounds, I fucking love to eat it. - 940 cal 64g fat 43g protein
16 oz whole milk - 300 cal 16g fat 24g carb 16g protein

Grand total - 3,689 cal / 239g fat / 186 g carbs / 229g protein

Funny without even worrying about macros they all kinda land near each other. My macros are MOAR EVERYTHING.

Except maybe fats, I think that’s high enough already hahaha"

That is just wrong man!!!

country girl, you surely are intelligent enough to understand that this was a joke… But on the off-chance i am giving you too much credit, just try to have a think whether one could in their right mind have a bash at someone who allegedly has a cheat meal every other Christmas which I am fairly certain was Spock81’s attempt at being humorous.

Please tell me how such a luxurious, delicious, high fat/protein and carb free start to the day is “just wrong”.

If I feel extra saucy, or it’s not 5am, I’ll have 4 jumbo eggs and a pint of whole milk on top of it. 1110 cal and 90g protein just to get the day going.

Wrapping a prime cut in bacon… it was just a joke.