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What do You Eat Mostly?

What are staple foods for body building on a budget or just healthy living what do you eat lots of on a regular basis that is available to everybody, I am looking at where I am and now I am beginning to see that a diet is naturally only going to benefit my training now that I am reaching a new plateau.

So what do you eat on a weekly basis and how often are you eating?

For example If I started to really hydrate myself and on a budget ate tuna, chicken, salad, peanutbutter, eggs, steamed broccoli, lentils, kidney beans is that a diet conducive to body building?

This is the challenge.

Imagine you just got citizienship from AFRICA into say America and your budet is tight and your eating only within your means until you can improve your situation what would you do? I’m not from africa im CANADIAN but I hope that gets the point accross.

calibrates flamethrower

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Hm. My advice never posted, so I’ll try again.

You’ve basically posted the types of food you need to eat. There are threads and articles with recipes for cooking those foods. They’re not hard to find.

I’m curious what you’ve been doing for the past 6 years, and why you just now figured out that nutrition is important for muscle growth.

You shouldn’t need someone like me to tell you this stuff, and if you’re looking for a pat on the head for putting two and two together to make four, you’re not going to find it here.

Lurk moar.

Beef Turkey Milk Cottage Cheese Protein Powder. Add these.

1 pound of meat, half a dozen eggs, and 2 protein shakes every day.

Fill the rest in with complex carbs depending on whether I’m gaining or dieting.

5 shakes (technically 10 - 2 scoops per shake)
extra virgin olive oil

usually mix the shakes with milk or olive oil + water, have up to about 15 tablespoons of EVOO a day since it’s about the cheapest way of getting calories in that I’ve found…

usually get some breakfast which is about 40g protein, 800 overall calories, and an evening meal

however much shit my girlfriend spews on my chest after sex.

Sometimes when i am quite short on time i just eat shakes, and burgers without the buns and the grease squeezed out finely.

I would say that cheap staples can be flank steak and top round steak (can be found for cheaper prices at grocery store depending on the day), eggs, chicken, oats, hash browns (not the breaded kind, just potatoes). All are good, easy options that I believe could be staples in a diet conducive to building muscle.

If you can, get a deep freeze and buy in bulk. You’ll save a lot of cash buying the family size packs of meat and the giant bags of frozen veggies.

If you ever get the chance to buy 1/4 of beef or something from a farmer, do it. You get a mix from stew meat to t-bones, average out to a couple of bucks/pound.