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What Do You Eat Before Bed?


i just finished eating delicious eggs and im thinking about going to bed soon. got me thinking, what does everyone eat before bed?

im not talkin about you pre-bed shake. i want to know what you guys have as your very last whole food meal of the day. is it dinner? is it left overs from dinner? do you cook something new? do you eat the same thing before bed every night or switch it up? snacks?

some of my favorites are almonds with fruit, eggs, tuna with mustard, fibre cereal with 2% milk, and last but not least COOKIES! i really dig those dare Cinnamon danish cookies.


Every meal is pretty much the same for me besides breakfast. So my last whole meal is steak or chicken, yams or brown rice, and veggies drenched in olive oil.


Usually a cup of Fage 2% Greek yogurt and an apple. I have a weakness for potato chips, so sometimes I'll also have Baked Lay's (controlled amount).

Keep in mind I don't nearly as much as I used to. For years my last meal was a giant egg white omelet with soem yolks, veggies, cheese, sometimes ham, and a fruit.


2 scoops Metabolic Drive w/ 2 tbsp of raw cacao nibs
1 tbsp almond butter on the side
1 tsp Metamucil w/ water
3 Flameout/3 FA3


And if I'm out of Metabolic Drive, I do same as Bricknyce. 1.5 cups of Greek yogurt w/ 2 tbsp of cacao nibs, 1 tbsp almond butter




pussy. like milk it does the body good.


Your mother's pussy


Oh no he didnt...


Metabolic Drive/whey/olive oil


I noticed a lot of people do eggs, sometimes I blend a couple whole eggs, and a few whites, with my casein -- although plain eggs only take 1-3 hours to digest, doesn't seem like the ideal source.




i generally work out until around 10ish at night, so my last whole meal is rice and some sort of meat, which is basically a repeat of my dinner directly before the gym. right before i climb into bed though i like to slam back some whey + olive oil and every now and then i'll add an egg or two.


Brick, where the hell do you get greek yogurt?


Usually broccoli and baby carrots.


I usually have a Clif Builders bar; man those things are addicting. Or some beef.


mac n cheese




whey & peanut butter sandwich. is also my post work out meal

just finished right now actually. off to bed


It differs depending on if its a high/med/low day, tonight it will be a salad, ground turkey, 2 evening primrose oil soft gels, and 2 Flameouts.