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What Do You Eat at Night?


I am having trouble being consistent with my pre-bed meail. what do you guys make?


Lately I have been having a boiled egg, a couple of spoons of natrual peanut butter (off the spoon), a cottage cheese 'sandwich' (two slices of half fat cheese with cottage cheese in between), a bit of extra cottage cheese, and maybe a protein shake depending on how I feel and how the rest of my food for that day has been.

It may not be glamorous but it works for me and if you boil up heaps of eggs prior it involves no cooking.


Tuna & Cottage cheese mixed together, walnuts and a glass of milk.


This is extremely dependant on what your current goals are in terms of your physique, but since you asked...

My "pre-bed" meal is almost always a protein shake with some type of healthy fats, i.e. fish oils or EVOO

However, my last 'real meal' before that is usually something like a cheese omelette, or scrambled eggs with shredded mozarella and cheddar, as well as some diced up canadian bacon thrown in... I'm getting hungry for tonight already...


protein shake, or cottage cheese with walnuts and either a whole grain rice cake type of thing or a piece of waza bread. And a bottle of water.


Ham omelette (3 eggs) witch cheese, hot pepper and veggies (onions, carottes and spinach) is my last meal (around 10 p.m)


Sometimes its a shake, sometimes its cottage cheese and some almonds/cashews, and natural peanut butter.

I like the cottage cheese and tuna idea; sometimes its a struggle to sit there and eat tuna plain.

Basically if you eat something with protein and some good fats, you'll be set.



i usually have:

.5 cup CC
1 TBSP whey
.25 cup milk
1 TBSP Nat. PB or
1 TBSP Olive Oil

Mixed together and frozen.

simply delicious


You actually cook, you homo? Who cooks more ... you, or Hef?


oh man! I got the 'false quotation put into the quote brackets to make it gray text to make it look like it's something I actually said' trick, damn!

As far as who cooks more, it's usually whoever finishes first...


Metabolic Drive Banana pudding with almonds and walnuts, 1000mg of Vitamin C, 3 fish oil tablets and 600 ml of water.


Serd - I like your style!

Most days it's as follows:

200g low-fat natural yoghurt
50g natural peanut butter
100g raspberries/blueberries
Big scoop protein powder
3fish oil capsules

And a question for S8 - Dear God man, what does that taste like?!


What Do You Eat at Night?

Pussy...............someone had to say it.


1 scoop Metabolic Drive
1/2 cup 2% cottage cheese
2 tbps flax meal
1 tbp natural peanut butter

DAMMNNNNNNN that shit is good . . .


I was reading this soley so I could say that if it hadnt been done already.

It took 12 replies to get that answer out, we've fallen off the wagon guys. You're better than that.


pussy with a side of chicken breast or steak...


All natural peanut butter,cottage cheese,and some fish oil/flaxseed oil
A protein shake(whey and casein) and some epanut butter with flaxseed oil

This is usually 1-2 hours before bed.


1 package of Oreos, six pack of Bud Light, pancakes, 1 cup of pepperoni and some Baked Lays.


I try to have something nutritious like whole grain raisin bread and a glass of skim milk.


Oats + cottage cheese + natural pb blended in the blender with some water and splenda.

Then swallow and follow with some water so it goes down easier.

Tastes like cement. Good for your poopershooter.