What do you drive?

With appologies if this has been done recently… Just want to know if our vehicles accurately represent us as a group.

My trucks: (I am an off-road type)

  All currently in my driveway

1994 Ex-Police Ford Bronco no mods yet
1987 Jeep Cherokee 5" lift Etc., Etc
1988 Suzuki Samurai future project

2000 Cherokee, 3’ lift.

1999 Toyota Camry
1957 Triumph Chopper
2000 Yamaha Banshee(figured I would throw my toys in as well)
1984 Honda XR500

I used to have an '87 Samurai and would love to buy another one!

Cool stuff so far… looks like we have some stuff in common.
My past verhicles:
1968 Suburban 4x4
1978 Toyota Land Cruiser
1978 Chevy Shorbed 6" susp. 2" body lift
1973 VW beetle
1987 Chevy Blazer turned into Military look alike
1987 Suzuki Samurai
1990 Suzuki Samurai
1974 Honda CB 750

2004 WRX

what do you guys do for jobs?

I’m a strength coach here in Massachusetts.

2003 Nissan XTerra XE.

2002 Pontiac Grand Am GT

2001 Ford Explorer sport.

Just traded in my 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 5.9, for a 2004 Grand Cherokee Limited. Didn’t get the Overland. Don’t love it as much as my 98.

1990 Mustang 5.0

2004 chrysler 300m

New Balance 651

I love my JCG 5.9 Limited with one exception, no after-market spare tire gate. That tire takes up a good chunk of the cargo, would be nice if I could mount it outside on a gate. Glad that Jeep wised up and sunk it in the floor in the newer models.

I have a 99 Saab 93 SE as well…Yes, go ahead and laugh, but I’m practically living in Maine for work right now, and this car is great in the snow and ice.

Looking to buy a 67 Mustang fastback in the near future…

That’d be about my only complaint about my 98, besides the fact that she was starting to show her age and needed premium grade gasoline.

1977 MGB

1989 BMW 3.25i with too many mods to list, http://coolbimmer.com

Im a student and a US Marine Corps Officer Candidate

2003 Kia Spectrum
1996 Ford Aspire

Don’t be jealous, girls

my car came from mommy and daddy, along with my college tuition and credit card bills, hell i don’t even pay for gas. i plan on being a good son and paying them back when money starts rolling my way.