What Do You Do?

Just curious what job everyone has! it can be pretty insightfull, especially with the old skool lot on here!

im a boring, broke ass student! doing a masters in sport and exercise medicine. i did a degree in neuroscience.

Full time steely eyed Firefighter/EMT

Project Engineer for a bay area general contractor.

Awesome career, didn’t have to go to any yuppie schools or get a masters…just a good ol bachelor’s from a state school.

just a plain old electrician.yawn.

Well I was a production/camera assistant before the writers strike. now i’m a stay at home bum with some photography jobs here and there

Currently the manager of an OTB. Got a degree in Photography and Filmmaking. Trying to get into the fire department.

Just returned to university (sept) to finish my BBA.

Spent the last 3 years in the auto industry. 1 as a sales manager at a car dealer and 2 as a auto marketing consultant doing everything from marketing events, to auto shows, to vehicle launches, to dealership relations, to pro driving services for “ride and drives”< Events where the public comes and drives, or is taken for a drive, in new vehicle models.

Seriously considering law enforcement upon graduation.

Have an 18 year career with the VA (Veteran’s Affairs) Medical Center. Manage the Logistics Department.

I’m a Mechanic. I’m going to college though and taking some classes, aspiring to be involved in law enforcement.

Steel mill worker.

Design and detail bridge components.

I work at a garden center… but am trying to get into journalism and writing.

Which means I wil be working a lot of shit jobs until I get famous.

I work on ejection seats.

I’m an unemployed student,and I couldn’t be happier! Until last September, I was working at a third party logistics firm, initially as a customer service rep, then as a sales rep, and then again as a customer service rep. It don’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what happened there…So I decided better get my ass back to school!

Patrick Swayze taught me how to rob banks. Its worked thus far.

Nice guy…

Unemployed history student living on the G.I. Bill. I’m finishing my last semester for my B.A. and continuing my studies into the early republic.


Poor student. I’m an aeronautical/mechanical engineering major.

Undergrad student/fulltime writer

A baptist pastor…

[quote]ghost wrote:
Poor student. I’m an aeronautical/mechanical engineering major.[/quote]

You also happen to have one of the coolest avatars I have ever seen.