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What Do You Do With Your Muscle?

Good Monday Morning T-nation members!

So I have been lifting for a about 2ish years. This is the strongest I’ve ever been, but I want to do something with my muscle. I work, Lifting, sleep and repeat. I’m not doing anything with my gainzzz. So this brings me to my question. What do you guys do with your muscle/strength? Combat related? Bodybuilding? Weightlifting? Strongman? Crossfit?
I want some kind of competition that i can gun for. But I don’t know what i should be aiming at.
Love to hear what you guys do!

I compete in strongman and help people move a lot.


I’m also an avid mover, and owning a pickup brings out even more requests. My specialty is cast-iron wood stoves.

I’m learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and being strong seems to help with that.

I have a part-time job as a dive bar bouncer. Being polite and level-headed is just as important as being big and strong, but being big and strong is a constant reminder that I have options if being calm and polite doesn’t produce the outcome I’m looking for. Some of the girls also like it when begrudgingly I toss them on my back and do squats.

Nobody seems to argue with me at work either, but I’m also pretty good at my day job and make a point to be polite and professional.

Most importantly, you get to eat more.


[quote=“cruusial, post:1, topic:231797”]
I want some kind of competition that i can gun for. But I don’t know what i should be aiming at.[/quote]
Do whatever interests you, not necessarily what you think you’d be good at. Though, if you’re naturally good at something, odds are you’ll find it interesting. So… is that a conundrum or is that answering your own question from the start??

For you… basketball, clearly. Or a striking sport where you’ll have a ridiculous reach advantage. Or a strength sport that suits your leverages. Physique competitions would be tough at your size.

I, uh, push a lawnmower around the yard 2 or 3 times a month. And I still have in the back of my head to get back into organized martial arts training at some point.

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I feel like the question you are asking is ‘what should I want to do?’ You obviously have an awareness of the various strength sports. Pick what appeals to you. maybe try a bunch of things and see what you enjoy doing. That’s how I found strongman. I started with powerlifting, signed up a for a strongman comp, and thought it was way cooler. I’ve also done crossfit and weightlifting. Never competed in a bodybuilding show and have little to no desire to. And I’m not interested in fighting. To determine these things about myself, I did not seek outside opinions. No one can help you decide what strength sports to pursue.


Picture winning lotto and living where ever you want and getting up each day and doing what ever you want.
What ever activities you day dream about are probably the ones you should start with.
If you cant think of any try some new things that aren’t completely related to weights.

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not pursuing this but can’t help but remember office space from this thread


I act as the pack mule when I backpack with friends.

I am the guy my buddies ask to get stuck things unstuck.

I was climbing a fair bit, might get back into that at some point.

Strongman competitions are real fun.

I plan on getting back into martial arts. Did BJJ for a while, would really like to learn a bit of Muay Thai but there aren’t many reputable dojos in my area.

I offer to carry things for just about anyone.

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I get asked to move heavy shit as work…

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Are you referring to the functional ones which I used 4-6 reps to build or the non-functional ones I built with 12-15 reps?


Thanks for all the replies guys!

Ironically, Basketball is my least favorite sport to watch/play…

I Like this piece of advice in particular. Definitely keeping this in mind.

I’ll put a lot of thought into it and update when I decide!