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What Do You Do When You Are Angry

Got some kind of diffuse sustained anger

My kind of training is methodical, not an outlet for anger

I don’t want to get hurt or have a criminal record, and I like to think before I act. I am pretty soft guy all in all. Seems like there isn’t much to do.

Really feeling like kicking the ass of a retarded muslim cow down the stair.

get the phone out and start a conversation with someone funny whom you know will cheer you up.

Just saw this posted on Alphas instagram…

Are you looking for a way to release your anger or diffuse your anger?

-Release anger: punching bag, batting cage driving range, video games…
-Diffuse anger: @Yogi1’s suggestion, or anything that can make you laugh, meditation, reading, helping others less fortunate…

Get a captains of crush gripper that is tough for you.

Go outside and grab the gripper and close it with one hand.

Walk while holding the gripper closed until your grip gives out, then stop.

Turn around and swtich hands, you other hand should give out right as you return to your starting spot.

You will return with fresh air in your lungs, rubber hands, and maybe some pain in your hands/wrists/forearms.

This has worked for me several times at work.

Huge problem for me.

Perspective. I deliberately realize that of the 7 billion people on earth I’m damn lucky and my life is really very blessed. Then I ask myself if the energy I’m wasting being angry is getting me closer to my goals or enriching my life in any way. I realize that the emotions streaming out of my mind are not my creation and I can ignore them and choose how I want to feel and who I’m going to be (ideally not an angry prick). This is called mindfulness. Read up on it.

Getting really damn busy with productive things. Effective people don’t have time to wallow in negative emotions.

Also conditioning work that makes me want to die.


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Lately I’ve been pounding my fist into the center console of my truck. The truck seems fine, but my wrist and hand are bruised.

I’m a pretty stoic person, but there are situations with my profession where I’m held accountable for contractors who do not finish projects, and I only have so much leverage. This pisses me off


My all time favorite thing to do when angry, was dunk. That is some great therapy.

When I had access to a boxing gym, long heavy bag sessions were amazing.

FWIW, i’m much less angry now & I prefer it.

Golden Retrievers duh

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Why, good sir, I do what generations of Irishmen have done when the red mist descends; I drink and blame the English.

In all seriousness, though. I take a few deep breaths or read a book. If it is particularly bad, I go for a walk.


My best workout partner used to get explosively mad. Had a pretty high pressure job. Break stuff. This guy was in mid 50s , really strong, and a great friend. He said it was amazing his temper hadn’t landed him in prison. His wife said his working out with me really helped get his temper under control. I didn’t do anything but just watch him explode at times.

I have the exact opposite attitude and a very high boiling point. Maybe choose the people around you. Using hand grippers outside seems like a good idea.

I work out with a Scottish guy on occasion Cross-fitty-type gym. We were doing ball slams with a 5 stone ball. He was struggling to get the ball over his head after several reps. Told him to imagine he was on a castle battlement and the English were below.

He managed 5 more slams.


Working out obviously helps.

Also wisdom of not popping off and doing anything while blinded with anger.

Just refusing to respond until I’ve slept on something.

I had a propensity to turn my anger inwards, which slowly devolved into depression. Pretty much bottle it up. After years of therapy I’ve learned to channel it into something with great passion. Usually my training, or even my artwork, or poetry. Sometimes however, I’m quick to be a real lady asshole, and I’m sharp with my words. There’s been one instance where i use physical means. And I don’t feel proud of that day.