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What Do You Do to Optimize Immune System?


Leaving two reps in the tank leaves me feeling way better and more robust throughout the week, but if I get all reps 3x5 and I increase the weight, then it will be heavier next week and maybe I’ll get all reps but the last one will be with only one in the tank. But I got all reps so I’ll logically increase the weight, this time it will be hard but I’ll get the last rep. But what if I increse the weight, and arck it at 5,5,3 cause I want to stop two reps before failure? Does this produce the necessary adaptions to get all reps the next week or is it too lttle a stressor? I will try it but what’s your take?


CT, never recommends going to failure in compound exercises.
it’s too much for the CNS to withstand this stress.
generally recommends failure only in isolated exercises. unilateral, pulley and some machines.

You do not have to go to failure to make progress. Work hard, but always stop at least 1 rep before failure.

just add weight to the bar, slowly, always building with patience.

It’s been 3 years since I’ve been training, no kind of exercise.
I trained for about 7 years, averaging 2 to 1x per week in full body.

I would always fail and beyond the fault, forced rep, negative rep … weights always very heavy

I made a lot of progress, but training like that made me exhausted.

I think it has been too much for my CN, although I have adapted to a certain level for the demands and excessive stress in CPN.

there came a time when I began to regress.
1 training per week and up to 1 workout every 14 days, worked for a period, but then I staggered.

I stopped training and did not come back until today.

I opened a topic here, reporting what happened.

For now, I recommend you leave 2 rep in the tank

try the 3 weeks and see the result.

just trying to find out.


Like I said, I usually go to RPE 9-9.5 that would be one rep or half a rep short of failure. The only lift I do fail sometimes accidentially is the Bench. I don’t do any forced reps or assisted reps or any of that. I know CTs writings and I’m following the advice on the big exercises, not going to failure, optimal rest for strength/hypertrophy etc.
Maybe I need to stop even earlier but, that would be an 8-8.5. I’ll try in one or two workouts per week for now, the other I’ll push to 9-9.5 and I think I’ll see the differnce within a few workouts.

I’ll clean up my diet further, eat more, try to get more sleep and report back in a few weeks about the immune system, blood parameters and training progress. If I won’t get sick for at least 2-3 months, I’ll consider it a success and it can maybe be helpful for other with a weak immune system.
Thanks for the help.


it may be interesting to work with high rep.

10 ~ 12


Found something interesting linked to the topic

(Source: suppversity)

There’s a good amount of reasearch infections in athletes.



try to train that way.

and after a few weeks and months, return to give us information of your progress.

it is important for followers to know an answer.

it may be that other people have the same problem.

keep reporting

I would like to know more about the CT opinion on this topic.

Please, CT.

I appreciate it.


Hey guys,

I’ve been taking glutamine the last few weeks. I’m currently taking omeprazol two times daily for the Gastritis issues. Doesn’t seem to go away.
Doctors say I got too much stress. I’ve been training once a week the last three weeks for the first time in over 6 years. I hit upper body with more than 2 reps in the tank, doing just the big lifts.

Im on vacation now, so hopefully the health issues gonna dissolve in the next week. Physique and strength are on a 2 year low. Lost 10 pounds because I couldn’t really eat.

I’m gonna report on my comeback. Any suggestions how to start?
I’m thinking about doing a full body or upper lower split with a linear progression until I’m close to my old numbers.

Have a nice weekend!