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What Do YOU Do in the Morning?


Hopefully it doesn't resemble this guy's routine:


it does, but with masturbating added.


And a shit.


Just when I thought my time was wasted watching that, I saw this as a related video:


GASP First video- horrifying.
Second video- WTF? Cirque de Soleil sideshow.


My wife just caught me jacking off....thanks buddy. You ruined our anniversary.


Everytime I see one of those balls, I wish I had a needle on me...


French morning television FTW!



To be honest, to do the stunts they do, i'm pretty sure their balls are bigger then the ones they're standing on.


The only thing good about that video is the track on it.


Makes me want to watch Rocky IV right now.


No joke, I have been rocking that soundtrack since 1993. If you can't get pumped listening to that, you don't have a heart beat.


Haha that's the worst thing I've ever seen.


In sequential order:

1) Hear alarm

2) wake up 10 minutes later and scratch my balls

3) Smell my fingers and scratch again my balls

4) Drink some water

5) Scratch again my balls and that place between my arsehole and my balls

6) Turn off alarm

7) scratch my ass

8) Grab bottle of water

9) Go up stairs while scratching my balls and 99% of the time while doing this I fart

10) Say something like 'Hooooooly moley'

11) sit down on the toilet and have a crap

12) Jerkitov (TM)

13) Clean the mess

14) Sleep for 15-30 minutes on the toilet

15) Remove the hardened crap first with toilet paper then with damp toilet peper

16) wash my hands

17) Scratch my balls

18) fart

19) Have a shower

20) Clean the floor with the green rag we have lying around in the bathroom. I just move my foot on it and remove some of the water

21) I go downstairs with balls out while scratching em

22) I dress up

23) Do my hair. With my hands.

24) Fart

25) Make break fast something like porridge with milk, a banana, multivitamin, protein shake.

26) Prepare the books and stuff to take at school

27) Realize I'm 30 minutes late

28) Catch the bus

29) Catch another bus

30) Arrive at school and apologize to the lecturer for arriving late


You sound like every woman's wet dream, BC.



Shoot, I thought this was going to be a serious thread because I just had an awesome AM workout and wanted to brag about it.


Well... now you kinda did :slight_smile:


Yeah woman are attracted to my overall high class attitude. Especially in the morning.

*scratches balls again°


I have too much time on my hands lately. I'm on summer holidays and my job has no spare hours so I tend to wake up around midday, jerk-off, have porridge, eggs and a protein shake and browse T-Nation

Yeah, I'm a classy guy...

EDIT: WTF?!?! This guy JUGGLES as part of his workout...?
Lord save us...


too much time elapsed before eating brah