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What Do You Do For Lower Back?


I'm curious because i've heard they get hit alot during deads and any heavy lifts where you are standing, but ive also heard you should do a set of lower back exercises for every ab exercise you do. so what do you all recommend?


Reverse hypers, Back extensions, good mornings. Pretty much all you need other than heavy deads and squats.


I was just going to ask a similar question. My prefered choice would be reverse hypers but I dont have access to one.

And the back extension machine my gym has is a 45-degree one.

In your experience are the 45-degree back extensions any good?


I feel fine with just deads and rack pulls


I don't like it. When ever I use it my back starts tighten up instantly. Then I have sciatica in my left leg for the next week. I prefer the back extension machine, or deads and rack pulls


Love it. I high high reps, between 15-20, while holding a plate to my chest. Gives me a sick back pump which feels amazing, and it's always helped me get through periods of back trouble.



What were we talking about?

Oh ya, the back extension. Well the two of you have different opinions. Im not sure anymore, I used to really like it, but tried the new one at my gym yesterday and was instantly experiencing cramps. On the other one I used I would do weighted 1-leg extensions and high rep sets with a plate on my chest.

But yesterday I couldn't do crap, and just cramped. Maybe this is because I front squatted and did RDL's before this?

I dunno. But i'll be front squatting and deadliftin for back strength, but am still going to be looking for a high rep exercise that I can really push my lower back on.


Jury rig something if you can - I use a 36' plyo box with some plates under it and hold onto whatever I setup in front of. You can also lay backwards and face down on the 45 degree ones you were talking about, works just as well.


Not much weight bearing..mainly yoga poses that take care of this. Extensions etc.


I like the back extensions using jumpstretch bands as resistance for high reps. Not only does doing it with the band tension work your lower back, it also really taxes your glutes and hams at the top of the movement. Plus I find it a lot more user friendly to use a blue and purple band rather than holding a 70lb db in each hand.