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What Do You Do For Cardio?


I thought I would start a discussion to gather input on what people do for cardio, if any at all. So, what do you do for cardio?


Mountainbiking, tempo runs, Hill sprints. I like to vary alot. Prefer doing cardio outside. If Im confined to the gym I'll usually go with the row machine. I like atleast a decent amount of intensity. Not necessarily all out, but not at the point where you can have a normal conversation going either. What Ive been doing lately is combining mountainbiking with hill sprints. I ride my bike up a mountain, then jump off and run intervals in a 250 m long, steep slope. If Im feeling up to it I'll add in some burpees as well. Hard as hell and my thighs are on fire afterwards. Obviously cant do this every time, so if I do 4 cardio sessions a week, maybe 2 of em are real intense, while the 2 others are more of a moderate pace.


^if that is you in the above picture please post more


Carry tree trunks at work...

(Am a forester by trade, and someone's got to carry all the heavy shit the lumberjacks leave behind...)


Lots of fasted walking.

Generally lots of walking.

Heavy load carries..mainly rucking firewood up and out of the valley.

Occaisonal hill sprints.

Tabatas and/or circuit training once a week.


how do you do your tempo runs? my cardio pretty much consist of basketball or sled workouts. recently though i have been adding tempo runs on rest days to help me out with recovery and it seems to do well.


MAF14: Thanks dude, I usually post when I have time and it is a subject that is of interest to me.

halamadrid 09: What I do is I run up a mountain that usually takes about 20 minutes. The days Im feeling up to it, I try to beat my previous record. Obviously when running for only 20 minutes, the intensity must be pretty high. Key point for me is just covering the same distance in less time. Thats whats gonna bring about gains in Vo2 max.


Just a sample.

Todays 'cardio' work. (in gym due to bad weather)

Warm up on treadmill : 1 'dartmoor mile'--probably doesn't meam very much to most but this is a routine taken from the Rm corps, basically a mile at speed march/jog pace but with maximum height gain on the treadmill.
So today = i mile and 270 ft ascent.

Then : second warm up with weight (25kg), complex of :
10 deadlift
10 ohp
10 rear squat
10 good morning
10 bent over barbell row
10 floor to ceiling (clean and press)

Second round same but with 27.5 kg.

Then main 'cardio' work :
Front squat paired/supersetted with running on treadmill, 9-9.5 mph pace and 0.25 mile each run
30kg x 10
35kg x 10
40 kg x8
45 kg x5
45 kg

Finishing work : 10 minute interval run on treadmill.


prowler suicides, 500meter rowing erg sprints, and hill sprints all at 8000 foot elevation. yeah these hurt but-
sprint-kill-EAT !


Sprints :slightly_smiling:
25 yard sprint x10 with 1 minute rest between set

rest 5 minutes

25 yard sprints x10 with same 1 minute rest between set.

25 yards x 20 times are amazing.....


I now see cardio as a death sentence to gains unless absolutely necessary...as in, you throw that in AFTER your diet and training are already causing fat loss...and then only as needed.


Prowler, hill sprints, Incline walking, sometimes complexes...


cardio is achieved by sprint intervals, barbell complexes, tabata front squats, incline walks, long slow distance runs, sled pushes


4 rounds shadow boxing, 6 rounds heavy bag, 4 rounds jumprope.
30-60's and ladder workouts on the track.
I run distance when I'm ordered to do so.


Man, you need to make a fuckin' billboard with this message...sticky it to your forehead or something.

I feel like people who think they need to add more cardio sessions as soon as they stall either a) don't fully appreciate the intensity fat loss requires in the kitchen and in the weight room or b) have enough lean mass on them to even consider cutting. Do people think you don't burn calories in the weight room?!...lol.


on that note, how many calories do you think a typical mass-building session burns? just curious. I'm still gaining weight despite my two-a-days so I must be eating enough, but it would be nice to know.


Some kind of weird circuit session as to my liking.

Tonight I hit the hard bag 100 times each hand and proceeded into this weird as shit one arm db snatch into a squat for 20 reps. 45 seconds rest and repeat for 45 minutes.

When it is a bit warmer I might just do a hard bag session, shoot some hoops and do some dunks and finish off with a loaded carry or car push/pull. Got a new car ... 1000 lbs heavier and more boot space for more sandbags ... looking forward to summer :slightly_smiling: