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What Do YOU Do for Cardio?


I don't really do cardio. I play basketball or ultimate frisbee a few times a month, I walk alot, ride bikes, and lift weights intensely. Although I am pretty strong and lean, I feel really out-of-shape. I've tried rowing and running, but my legs and back are so sore and tight from my workouts I can't really do that consistently. Am I just a pussy??

How do you stay in shape?


For cardio I mainly do steady state incline treadmill walking. I was obese but now I look normal/like a regular Joe. I hope to look better (like I actually lift weights) so I am continuing with the steady state cardio.


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Hill sprints, combination of 50-100-200-400-800m running, and soon I'll be pushing an SUV with my friend every Saturday. I want a prowler, can't afford the weight plates for it though :frowning:


I've been doing a killer conditioning work out a couple of times a week which involves nothing but suicide sprints. I set up cones on a football field (four cones - 0, 7, 14, 21 and 28m). I started off with the rule that all suicide sprints must be completed in under 38 seconds (easy enough for the first few), then rest 60 seconds and repeat.

I built up like this for a couple of weeks until I could get out 15 without being any slower than 38 seconds. Now that I can hit 15 I've started to shave down the rest periods. Monday morning I did 15 suicide sprints in total, with 55 second rest breaks, the slowest suicide being 37.2 seconds... This workout absolutely kicks my ass and it's done in around 30 minutes including a warm-up.


I'll run outside, but my gym has this wonderful machine called the ARC trainer...it's like an elliptical but it's a bit like a stepper too. Really smooth yet strong-feeling motion.
I'm one of those guys that actually likes cardio (though you couldn't tell by looking at me) and this one is one of the best. Apparently I burn up to 550 cals in 20 minutes...not bad.



There's a great machine at my gym called the ARC trainer.

It's like an elliptical and a stepper in one...not many at the gym use it probably because it's almost impossible to cheat and hang off the thing the way people do on a stair machine.

Here's their website: www.arctrainer.com


I think pushing an SUV is close enough!


Fuck you are right! Before I die I will have a Prowler, though. :slight_smile:


Yea, it seems like an awesome peace of equipment :wink:


run suicides (alternating actions: sprint, skip, high knee running, heels to butt running)
trail run hills with an incline of 50% or more
jump rope: 15-20 minutes inserting 100 double unders at the beginning, end and on each 5 minute mark.


Hill Sprints
Stair Runs/Climbs with my 40kg Thai wife on my back
Burpees for many...


I do HIIT sprints and walking to class(15 minutes to campus) which is about 45 minutes of walking a day.


I'm way too sore to do a lot of cardio. I just keep my calories lower on off days and let my body recover.


High rep deep squats such as 225 for twenty or more reps. Followed by high rep lunges. Blows my legs and lungs and heart to shreds.



do you guys do this PWO, "off" (from lifting), in the morning before breakfast, at night etc?


Cycle to work and back, about 5 hours a week.

Usually relatively steady state, but 3-4 times a week I'll push it a bit more.


Every Day i take a 15km mountain bike rike, and two to three times threadmill run 10km/h for 15min in a week.


I find the cardio actually really helps with recovery personally. Seems helpful to get everything moving again. Plus, more activity means I can eat more which suits me just fine.

I like to do it in the morning. Have a scoop of whey, maybe a banana or something similar, then get the cardio work in before going home for a big breakfast. I almost think of it like I earn my breakfast.