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What do you do for a living?

I thought it might be interesting to find out what everyone does to earn their dough. So, what do you do in “real life” for a living? And if you’re a student, you can tell us what you’re majoring in.

Military (Air Force) for nine years.

I go to a small University in a small city, so I guess you could say I’m a student. Coming from Calgary to a small city, there wasn’t much of a bodybuilding “market”, so I started up a little business of my own, getting the juice from some boyz in calgary. It works great… easy job, pays my tuition.

I’m hoping to do physics & math (honours in both) and I stock at a Safeway.

I read natural gas meters for a living. I need to be strong and agile so I can jump fences to get away from the damn PITBULLS. Sorry TC I know you own a Staff and so does my buddy but could you please put him away when I come in your yard.

Hey guys, you might not believe this but the “ironpotter” is infact a potter. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t do any of that sissy, cute shit your wife buys. I make large vessels (My bigest to date is 5 feet), and fire them in open air fires that get up to 2000 degrees.

Chartered Structural Engineer. I am an associate director (age50) in a firm of Consulting Engineers. I design Bridges, Buildings, that sort of thing and quite frankly,I don’t make big dough. Mind you, I do have fun. John R.

I work as a full time “fitness specialist” in a corporate fitness center. It’s ok,it gives a fitness job respect and professionalism, unlike a pT. It seems not many people want to work and sacrifice. I do get to help people, or at least try to. However, what I want and what they are willing to do are 2 different things. It pays my bills, lets me stay updated as much as possible but I wouldn’t say this is a dream job. However, it is the best job I have ever had. I have had some jobs that I dreaded, so I shouldn’t complain. When I read a Atomic Dog article a few weeks ago about that guy who worked in a cemetary, it kind of did make me think. So, we’ll see.

In real life (outside of being a steroid wizard and Biotest consultant), I
am the Director of Clinical Research (I am the second in command
administrator) for a HUGE medical oncology clinical trials group that
employs 17 attending level physicians (medical oncolists,
hematologists, pain management docs) and 100+ allied health staff.

I currently have regulatory accountability for 72 clinical trials and fiscal accountability for around $10,000,000 annually. Brock

Student - Major: Chemical Engineering. Soon to be Biomedical
Engineering. ChemE sucks, but it is relevant to my work. Hopefully I
can land a good pharmaceuticals job.

LOL, you really wanna know, i work nights in a grocery store, go ahead laugh, but you gotta keep in mind that i’m 17, and it doesn’t bother me right now atleast, i work in the grocery department, and on nights all your doing is lifting and stocking, and moving like a madman, so it keeps you in pretty good shape, alone with working out its not bad, but its not the job u want for a career, duhh, you may laugh your ass off now, hehe.

I work at a Sports Marketing firm named Octagon Marketing. I am the Operations Manager for the Gravity Games, which is the premier action sports event (i.e. skateboarding, bikes, inlines, and freestyle motocross). If you want to talk about a true testosterone sport, check out freestyle motocross. Now for the shameless plug–watch us on NBC this weekend from 4-6 eastern time (freestyle motocross finals).

I’m the communications director for a local United Way. I do all the fun public relations stuff (special events, media relations, coordinate volunteers, produce print pieces and a VARIETY of other things).

And no, I’m not making the big bucks, yet. I work for a non-profit! But I enjoy what I do.

I suffer my days doing database administration, and I’m currently working to form my own personal training business (fortuantely, I received my certification through the ISSA, so I’m not one of the ACE goons pushing 10 hours of weekly aerobics on everyone!) Hey, Ironpotter, I used to love making pots back in school - I actually hope to someday have enough $$$ to set up a personal studio and re-learn the fine art of throwing once again! That stuff is actually pretty fun.

I’m a student at Louisiana State University. My major is business administration. I was trying to be a physical therapist but I am not dedicated enough to school to make the grades.

I’m a lawyer for my sins by day, but at night I train like a bitch (don’t we all) and at the weekends I race British Champ motocross - recovering from a knee injury now though. Scarface is right when he says motocross is a real testosterone sport - totally hardcore!!

I run my own language consulting business here in Hiroshima, Japan. Most of it is teaching English, but we (and I) also do translating, interpreting and so on. So I speak English by day and Japanese by night :wink: No really big bucks yet, but we’re less than two years old and doing all right so far. Running a business is a lot more interesting than I thought it’d be, and it lets me arrange my schedule so I can eat and train like I want!

Private Investigator. Primarily Work Comp fraud.

I was studying computer science at Rochester Institute of Technology, but I soon realized that Rochester was not a place I could stand to live in, so now I’m in the process of transfering to Millersville where I’m going to do a double major in computer science and get a BA in music with classical guitar as my instrument. Beethoven wrote some of the ballsiest music.

Sales Rep for a Medical Device Company. My Territory encompasses Texas, OK, LA, and AR.