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What Do You Do for a Living?

Full time dad.
Full time power systems engineer.
Part-time Masters student.

I train 4 times per week at 6h30. We have a work gym which has everything I need and no one there to use it in the morning.

How do I manage it all? I have an awesome wife.

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I defend my dissertation in about 10 days then I’ll have my Ph.D. in finance. 9 straight fucking years of school and it’s crazy to think I won’t be a student come this time in the fall. I’ll be on the other side of the fence controlling the fate of every little tike that signs up for my classes. Life is good…


I’ll be you in 8 years!

What is your degree in?

I’m studying physics and computer sciences (information management and programming). Mainly physics. Planning to get my Ph.D. in 8 years, that’s the lowest possible number unfortunately…

That’s awesome my man…It may seem like a long road, but if you stick it out you’ll be damn thankful when you reach the end. I sacrificed a lot to get to this point, as I’m sure you will too, but looking back I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Best of luck to you…and it’s funny because I’ve had to learn computer programming for my degree. Coming in I had never even heard of Fortran or SAS…now I’m a straight baller with that shit!



What area of Finance did you specialize in? I just finished a dissertation focusing on the St. Petersburg Paradox and seeing how adequate it was for both gauging investor irrationality and explaining the 2000-2001 high tech stock market collapse (+ If it could be linked to the pricing of CDO/CBO’s using copula methods in 2008). I do/did Math.


Quick question for all of you studying / involved in finance. Have you ever read The Black Swan by Taleb?

If so, I’m wondering what you thought of it.

I’m a computer programmer, hating every minute of it and escaping in October to do some volunteer work then possibly persue a career in diving (either commercial or touristy)

Software Developer.

I train @ lunch everyday except Monday. Monday is a day off so I can take my time on legs.

I lend monopoly money to businesses.


Going back for Masters this fall, hopefully.

Mechanical Engineer, designing downhole tools for the oil industry. I used to train 4 days a week; but, have recenty switched to DC so I am able to cut it down to 3. I train after work (With the loonies). I do cardio when I can early in the morning.

Systems Analyst (i.e. sit behind a computer all day)

As far as training/diet:
I pre-pack/portion my small meals for work (3 for my 8 hour shift). I try to take 2 15 minute walks during my work day (usually @ 10 & 2) if possible. Then I train as soon as I get home (weights m/w/f, cardio t/th).

I’m an electronic technician/emotional and relationship consultant/part time Economics student (making the switch to full time next spring)/free lance personal trainer.

At the moment I train 5 times a week after work usually around 7 when all the loonies are ready to go home and watch reality TV (which works out. All the SRCers are gone) and ruin whatever work they put in by having a crap diet. God I love life.

PS - I forget who it was but good luck on the Diving career. I used to dive when I lived in Florida (not professionally, for recreation and general bad assery/buried treasure. Found a lot of bad assery but no buried treasure hence the e.t/e.r.c/p.t.E.c/f.l.p.t job). (in case you haven’t noticed I tend to make a lot of digressions).

Economics student

Exercise Science student with an Allied Health Concentration. I have my own gym in my garage so I train whenever I want usually 3-4 times per week. The school I attend has a paltry gym with a bunch of meatheads doing 20 sets of biceps curls in the squat rack. I have been asked on more than one occasion to stop doing Olympic-style lifts there as well because I may injure myself. This coming from the front desk chick whose idea of a workout is 15 mins on a elliptical followed by some form of crunching exercise. So needless to say I NEVER use my school’s gym.

Wow, lots of engineers.

I’m currently a Security Guard. Work 12 hour shifts from 1830 to 0630 and basically play games on my laptop the entire time. Fitting in workouts was challenging at first, and still can be but I manage. I have a gym membership but tend to use my home equipment more due to time restraints. Only doing this job for a change of scenery, its pretty boring and once the novelty of wasting my life wears off I’ll probably look for something more productive. Its a great opportunity for me to study but I just don’t know if I want to go down that path (I bore of jobs easily).

I quit my fucking job a month ago and have been happily un-employed ever since.

Long story short, the bullshit was piling up deep at work, meanwhile, the last of my grandparents on both sides passed away in December. So my parents were trying to sell my mom’s people’s place, and were going to keep my father’s people’s place, which was right next door. Both needed a lot of work and the parents are getting older and aren’t able to do much.

Best decision I ever made. I’m back in the country, I’ve joined the volunteer fire department, I can go fishing and canoeing and hiking every week, hunting in the fall. Adding 40 hours of manual labor to my week was kind of fucking with my weight training for a while, but I think I’ve got that worked out. In about a week I should have the barn cleaned out enough that I can set up my bench and power rack and train old school like in Rocky 4. It’s going to be totally sweet. There are no jobs here, but my parents have got money, and I earn my keep.

I’m a Manufacturing Engineer for a Fortune 300 company that is a defense contractor. I get to play with exotic expensive toys.

I hold degrees in Automotive Engineering, Mechanical Engineering as well.

I train anywhere from 3 to 4 x a week, mainly right after work or on my days off. I work an unconventional work week and have regular days off.


Personal Trainer, You know when you work at a gym and constantly deal with average people who don’t like exercising it gets tough to want to be at the gym during your only time off during the day. But I Say F that Ima get so big and strong people start sweating when they look at me. Huuzaaahh!

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Rape and Pillage

aka Student[/quote]

Woah! What school do you go to?

Electrical Engineer and computer geek, currently writing hardware testing software
for a large Fortune 500 company. That pays the bills. I also play trombone in a
jazz band, bass guitar and backup vocals in another band, which occasionally results
in a paying gig. But the engineer job has an on-site fitness center with a decent
weight room.

Mechanical/electrical engineer. I design crawler cranes. I design things to lift large objects, then go to the gym and lift large objects.

Trainer and manager