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What Do You Do after a Lifting Session?

What do you do as a cool down after lifting. Stretch, Walk, Nothing,


Due to the realities of life, it’s usually the following:

  1. Shower / change in the locker room relatively quickly.
  2. Have some protein/carbs.
  3. Walk back to my office and work/have lunch.

I would like to cool down, etc… but if time is tight I’d rather get in a full lifting session and “cool down” by showering/walking back to my office.


After lifting, I have to shower and get ready for work.

I cool down in the shower after lifting.

Drink a protein shake and either chase women or go to bed.

Due to a couple of injuries, I do static stretching, specially hamstrings and low back. Then grab some food


I get on with my life, whatever that means at the time.

To relax, I like to cut up some firewood

EDIT: my picture doesn’t want to upload… this just seems odd now haha

I do about 20 minutes of stretching. I’m 58, and have accumulated various issues over the years. I workout early in the morning and a good stretching session makes me feel great for the rest of the day.