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What Do You Do About Increased Sex Drive?


I was wondering my sex drive is through the roof. It's hard for me to look at a key hole with out wanting to boar it would and screw it. I don't mind the feeling one bit. But it is a little hard for the wife to keep up. I'm on a little begginers cycle. 1 ml test 1 ml tran 2x a week. So I was wondering what some of you people that are running a more advanced cycle do about your sex drive?

My natural test levels are low 105-120 last time I had it tested so I use to be ok with every now and then.


-using supraphysiological doses of testosterone
-wondering why sex drive is high


I recommend hookers. Line em up around the corner and do cardio all day long.


I usually have sex


Now that is just an absurd plan...


Or if that isn't an option he can start working on them forearms...


they are about 2" smaller then my bi's


just hit up backpage LOL


I had to look up the meaning of supraphysiological. lol. mr walkway you either enjoy english or work in the medical field. But thank you. I just learned a new work for my vo-cab. Now i have to look up how to say it. lol


But it is a serious issue. My libido can become ridiculously high. The GF and those lovely "Girls of the Internet Movies" aren't enough anymore...

And yet as soon as I feel it lower, I'm scared LOL It's either sky high, or I might have issues (it only happened a couple of times, but don't want that again!)


After I went through a case of blow up dolls I think about the smell of grandmas.

Memaw, Nana, Mimi, Mammaw then count to ten.

If that don't throttle it down I start letrozole 2mg ed.


Stick it in a bucket of ice... or rub it down with icyhot... should do the trick...


it's not always rock on. just some times I look at something and my blood starts pumping the core temp goes up ands I get some increadable thoughs in my head. But yea I get the point. I can't even think about the ex with out wanting to tie her up and just anul raping her hardcore. But I know it's not right and would never do it. I would just like to be able to keep them thoughs out of my head


Uhhh...what the fuck? Maybe you should lay off the gear


na I know the diffreance and would never do it. But damn man I was just wondering if other people have the same thoughts and how they deal with it.


I guess you forgot what it was to be a teenager...


use letro as an AI... although right now im using quite a bit and the libido is still high..... my heavy cycles usually end up with me adding more to the "roster." and end up with some regrets too, hahahaha


Yea that way 19 yeas and some odd days ago. I yea I see what your saying


This is a little bit of a concern for me because my gym is located near a high school and this is the time of the year when the high school girl volleyball team comes to the gym to work out off season during summer vacation.


Same problem here but with hockey chicks. Sole solution: App 'em, tap 'em, and scrap 'em