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What Do You Do About Allergies?


What do you do about them? I take allergra, sudafed and use nasonex. Its so bad this year.


I just rub the hell out of my eyes and make them puffy and swollen......sneeze...cough....sneeze.

I do this for a few weeks, then I get over it.


I've had years of sinus trouble.
I use a water pick (just like the type you use on your teeth) an "pressure wash" the sinuses. Insert the pick into a your nose an angle it to hit the back of your sinuses. I typically mix a couple teaspoons of salt an baking soda w/ 1 cup water.

If the pick itself is too strong an stings, there is a special tip you can get from an ENT doc called a "GROSSMAN TIP". It's more of a blunt tip that reduces the pressure.

Hope this helps.


Get on allergy shots.


Stinging nettles and activated quercetin,both available in capsules at any health food store will do the trick. Stinging nettles act as a natural histamine blocker,just as effective as benadryl without the drowsey side effects. Also helps maintain free testosterone levels. Hope this helps.


Zyrtec, Sudafed and lots of green tea, iced black tea and water. And stay away from Sashimi for a while.



Besides what everybody else said, take a shower and wash your hair everytime you come in the house, which should be sealed by now.

Get some Johnson's Baby Shampoo because otherwise, washing your hair five times a day will damage the shit out of it.


benadryl fastmelts. end of story.

there is a version at most stores that has sudafed in it also for when the congestion is bad. I have taken every perscription and OTC product out there. Benadryl is still the best IMO, bar none. Claritin, allegra, tavist, nasonex, never did what benadryl does for me. Youll get over the drowsiness effect after about 3-5 days of taking them regularly.

Most people stay away from benadryl cause they never get over the 'hump'. I should be a fucking rep for benadryl, but i take this seriously man. I suffer almost debilitating allergy attacks without it. only drawback is after a while it definitley dries you out, so a saline nasal spray to stay lubed is a good look also. like previously stated, change your pillowcase/sheets more often than usual, wash up often, keep bedroom windows closed until june lol.


I read about this technique in a book recently about natural treatments for allergies. They praised it!

I am going to try it this season when my allergies start.


Wow, that's a stack. I'm doing Clarinex and Nasonex. On one particularly bad day the Clarinex and Nasonex didn't even help, so I took 4 Benadryl on top of that. Yeah, I self-medicate.

Claritin never worked.

I'm considering getting allergy shots.


Could you elaborate more on the waterpic thing? It sounds scary man.


Stop using things with chemichals.


It works the same as a neti pot, apparently. Nifty idea.

google that.


Tavist 12-hr works great. The Walgreens generic version is the best bargain (~5.99/16 tabs).

Sudaphed is only your nose is stopped up.

I was a frequent inhaler user for a long time. I recently started Cingulair and can't say enough great things about for any asthma sufferer --- though I still do some prophalactic puffs on squat day.

I have to differ with Captain Benedryl. I fell asleep sitting up at my desk on that crap. Great at bedtime if you enjoy surrealistic dreams though...


I have 'scripts for zyrtec, nasonex, albuterol, etc., but try not to use 'em. Instead I try to get by using an OTC saline spray called [b]Ocean[/b]. I use it 3-4 times a day and it helps me a lot. Best of all - no drugs, just a little salt water.


Being stationed here in Holland for almost 3 years now has sucked pretty bad. Now that the Tulips have started to bloom "Here we go again." For me I find it best to take a shower twice a day and never forget to take my Zyrtec.


Hey in Holland there is another grass that is all around. HEHE...hope ur not allergic to that!


Well there's not much more to it than how I explained it. My water system is pretty safe, but I still boil the tap to make sure it's o.k. Some my friends opt to buy sterile saline solution from a pharmacy.There's nothing scary to it, just something you have to get used to.


I'm going to the allergist today.....see what he has to say. I'l ask him about it.
I even hate it whan water goes into my nose in a pool....rarely happens but it sucks.


I suffered for two years before finding out what works for me:
Showers + Flixonase + Aerius