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What Do You Consider Natural?


Hey Coach. I’m a 55 year old guy on TRT for about a year. My TT and FT are in the upper range of normal. Do you consider me natural or enhanced? Thanks.


Why do you care? U have a medical condition, thats your motive behind taking TRT. But by definition ur not natural of course.


Because CT has an article about lifting differently if you are natural. So do I follow guidelines for natty lifters because my levels are within normal range or do I lift like a guy on gear? That’s why I care.


Being in the normal range is “natural”… enhanced to me means artificially going beyond the normal human physiology


Thanks coach. That’s what I assumed.


I’m trying to incorporate this idea of lower volume and more frequency into my workouts. My problem is I only have time to hit the gym 3-4 times per week. Usually 3. So I do an A-B-A-B-A-B split over a two week period. So should I either do one exercise per body part and do every body part each workout using 3 sets OR should I stick with my split and do 2 exercises per body part using 3 sets each? Thanks.


if you are only training 3 times a week you surely should do higher volume per workout instead of focusing on frequency right?

If you’re on TRT then i’m sure you’d make gains regardless but yeah.

What are your goals ?


Makes sense on more volume, I just don’t want to overdo the volume and hurt my gains. As far as goals go, I’d like to continue to add quality muscle but not interested in bodybuilding. I’m 55, so health is primary goal. The body recomp I enjoyed during this first year on TRT was great. I dropped 35lbs of fat and gained a nice amount of lean body mass. I look like I did at 30. I’m 6ft and 175lbs now. So how many exercises per body part? How many sets? Based on CT’s recommendation, I’m thinking of reducing my total volume from 12 sets per body part to 8. Let me know what you think . Thanks