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What Do You Compete In?


Curious as to what others here do to satisfy competitive urges and always looking for something new.

Me, IPSC practical pistol, occasional 5k for free shirt and not coming in last.




Special Olympics.

I do the event where you run into those waist high thingies, herples i think they're called.


Sprint Football

Full contact Varsity collegiate football, just with a 172 pound weight limit. It's a great way to stay involved with the sport I love while going to a top notch University.



I used to be a very competitive sailor, mainly offshore/ocean racing.


soccer,track and field(long jump-110 hurdles),powerlifting once


Beer league.


Public Speaking

Not thatI win anything, I just compete in 'em.


oly lifting.


I race every Wednesday at the Annapolis Yacht Club series and I usually do two or three Chesapeake Bay one or two day races a year. I'd LOVE to eventually do some offshore racing - I'm jealous!

Used to play rugby when I was younger (age 22 - 32) and played football, wrestling and lacrosse in HS.

Competition is a VERY important part of life, IMHO. Good thread idea, OP.


Since sports are completely done for me for a while and since I probably won't start competing in strongman for a while, all I got is video games.


Usually just stick with polo and horseshoes.


Hoped it might spark a few new ideas for folks. I know I have trouble thinking of new things to get out and do against a different standard than beating my last workout.


My job is a competition I work in a commission based enviorment I don't hustle I do not eat


Currently Bjj, billiards.


I compete with myself to improve. I used to do alot of sparring at the boxing gym, but I eventually became more interested in weightlifting and don't box anymore. Once a year a bunch of us guys get together thanksgiving morning and play a game of tackle football. It's always nice seeing how i've improved each year.



so i guess i can break down to

Muay Thai


Sobriety. This is not an attempt at humor.


IPSC (mainly pistol, but some 3 gun events) and boxing. My neck and jaw are pretty messed up, so I'm looking at dropping the boxing and doing something else. Open to sugestions.