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What Do You Break Up Over?


JUST wondering what you guys break up with your girls over? If the sex wasn't what you need ( lets say your an Alpha Male tiger and she's like a grass eating faun?and you needed that animalistic sex now and then...... would you let that be enough for you to walk away?

When have you settled? when have you really had what you wanted in a relationship? just curious? What was the one that you look back on and feel like you shouldn't of let it slip away.

Sometimes I reflect a bit on the lessons learned from previous relationships both good and bad.


Past GF didn't work out, or eat well. Even smoked pot regularly.

Another past GF- didn't work out, sex life sucked, ate like crap, and all of these together just lead to a bad overall relationship

I have a problem of looking back on old relationships and thinking it wasn't so bad, I've even tried to re-kindle it and yeah it was that bad.

Current girl (fiance actually), has everything I've always wanted in a woman, literally everything.
works out, eats well, sex on demand, honest, similar interests, great body, etc etc
Hence why we're getting married next Sept


Control issues, there are no reins that will fit me!


I broke up my last GF over some of the same things lised above. She didn't lead a horibly unhealthy life but when it came to nutrition and fitness we were not on the same page.

That was always an ongoing struggle and /or source of conflict. She didn't understand why I took so much time on weekends to prepare meals for the upcoming week or that my legs were too beat to go dancing and bar hoping all night. The bar thing turned into a pretty bg deal towards the end; she started running with more of a partying crowd and that's just not me.

The straw that broke the camels back came when we were seperated due to work. Both of us were young professionals and niether really wanted to give up on the jobs we had to follow the other. We really couldn't see a light at the ned of the "long disance" tunnel and we grew apart from one another. Made snese to go our own ways.



I could give you a hell of a list, but those were just symptoms of just not being compatable.

Most of the females that i've been with, were spoiled (partially my fault), selfish, and insecure.


I'll break up with a girl if she has man hands or her laugh sounds like Elmer Fudd.


I missed my freedom. I felt I was too young to be in a committed relationship. As though I was wasting my youth...Plus she drove me up the fucking wall.


I get bored of them.


You'd date her in the first place because?


Big Titties.

Jk. Actually I was just making a Seinfeld reference.


Because they seem perfect when you first meet them. The man hands or laugh isn't revealed until the second or third date - duh! :slightly_smiling:


Yeah. And then sometimes the penis isn't revealed until waaay later. :confused:

But to seriously answer the OP's question, I have broken up with girls for being way too clingy, controlling, psycho, slutty, and for being delusional and condescending (she thought she could do no wrong, everything was my fault, and she tried to talk to me like a little kid).

A couple of them were extremely lazy when it came to staying in shape, and one of them practically lived off of hotpockets and potato chips, which I thought was absolutely disgusting.


Sexual incompatibility. If your sex drives, or degrees of kink, don't match there is pretty much no chance of the relationship working. Get out before somebody gets hurt.

Also, the "Women are always right and I can control you because I'm hot" thing. Uh, no. Good try though, good try.