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What do you all like to do other than train?

Just curious what you like to do for recreation/hobby time besides training. I personally have very little extra time, being busy with family, training, work and church. But when I do have some spare time I like to create custom Star Wars action figures. These are figures from the SW Universe that are not produced by Hasbro. I pull apart different figures, sculpt some parts, repaint and reassemble into a new figure.

You can see some of my work here-www.thecustomalliance.com/ slaymaker/default.asp

In faith - Matt

Hm… working on my house should be at the top of my list, but I just haven’t been focused lately. I speed skate (short track) and have just started boxing again. Normally I have 95,000 things going on at once with everything partially done, however, Demo is trying very hard to help me curb that habit…

I do beadwork and jewelry making, ceramics, watercolor, and more recently I have been acting, doing a little theater and some stand-up. I also love to cook and even though I am no longer a baker by profession, I still love to bake really elaborate desserts.


Hey, Matt: check out the Comic Con, www.comic-con.org and look in “Programming” - I don’t know which days, but Hasbro is putting on a presentation. You might be interested to just read up on it. I think they’ll have a booth there, too. I’ll do some snooping around for ya.

Okay - I'm an artist (www.portfolios.com/PatriciaSmith - I'm currently updating it with new VERY cool work), attempting to break into the comic book, sci fi/fantasy, childrens book industries. And I have (as most of you know) a strong passion for the cinema.

Oh and I do read comic books and graphic novels whenever possible.

Work on my 78 cj-7, lot of boating, fishing, concerts, music, drumming, sports, hiking. Way too many hobbies and interests but that’s what keeps it interesting!!!

networking and file sharing

Like Michelle, I usually have a hundred things going at once. I have way too many interests. Most of my spare time is taken up by my dogs. Just getting them excercised each day takes up a lot of time. I’m also into grappling and mixed martial arts. I’m lucky though as I work with many of the guys I grapple with so we can often do it on company time. During the winter I play hockey 2-3 times/week. Other than that I enjoy sketching, drawing with pastels and some painting. I also try to get a few hours in each week relaxing and playing my guitar. Oh ya, I also enjoy reading about and researching vinification and have an ok wine cellar collection. (limited by $)

I like to hunt. No, actually I LOVE to hunt. Gonna build a new potato gun soon, too. :slight_smile:

I have a road bike and a motor cross which I race. I used to play hockeybut have an ankle injury that stops me now. Other than that I read loads, Chemical Pink atm actually

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Hey Patricia,

Great Website! I’d really like to see the Samurai you said you we’re doing for Ko, maybe you could put that up sometime on your site. Also, the Ares piece is fantastic!

Anyhoo, if I’m not hitting the weights I play golf or go ride my mountain bike. I’m an avid guitarist and reader also.

Demo, I thought you were into blowing things up, HALO jumps and scubing diving at night . . . .

I don’t know if you are serious about the potato gun but your post made me laugh. When I was in college I took metalworking classes and had to purchase an acetylene torch. Let me just say that winters in Alaska are loooong and one night hanging around with some classmates nad our professor, the topic of conversation turned to potato guns. Boredom and a little ingenuity led us to the discovery that when a potato gun is mated with an acetylene tank can launch a potato for about a mile at an astonishing rate of speed!

Shoot 8 ball tournament every week in the funkiest redneck bar in Va. (Its in back of Dean’s truck stop, just across the parking lot from Quez’s Tattoos)See lots of movies, read a LOT of non-fiction / novels, esp physics and philosophy. Run a multisite internet business.

I’ve been playing the drums for like 9 years. Pretty good at it i think. Pretty good workout too considering the way i play. Great stress reliever too.

Well the 3 hours that I’m actually not sleeping, working or training during a day… I try to spend a lil time with my woman, and hang out with my Iguana, my goal is to get him completely tame. Not likely, but it’s a goal. That and I read a ton of books.

On the weekends I end up runnin around like a madman. From hiking, to playing football and basketball, cruisin to the beach. It is Summer time in San Diego you know…

Potato gun – When stuck in Scotland one winter (Navy) we built one out of 3" metal tubing welded on an angle on a base plate. We suffed the end with rags, then nuts and bolts and a hull tech used gas from the welding outfit as propulsion. Shot load from top of barge onto deck of sub tender moored nearby. They thought they were under attack. Ran quickly, denied everything, still at large. Better than potato gun is trebuchet – some guys in TX built one that can throw a Buick 100 yards.

This may sound corny but I just enjoy being with wife and kids as I’m away heaps with work walking on beach or just chilling out. I also read a fair bit and am just going to start golf again after only playing about total 3 yrs of last 15, have set a goal of 4 hcp or less in 4 months (used to be on 1).

I enjoy masterbation, masterbation and sex with my wife, and masterbation. But mostly I enjoy porno.