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What Do Ya'll Think Of


DOG, the Bounty Hunter?

I sometimes watch him because I lived in Hawaii at one time and I was surprised to see an episode last night where his crew was in Colo Springs where I live now.

Anyway, it cracks me up how they will dress up like they are going after Bin Laden and one hundred well armed Taliban when they go to arrest some two bit junkie.

Also, how he gets on his soapbox preaching to said junkie for fifteen minutes getting all dramatic and emotional. Oh well, I guess it makes for good entertainment.


I used to think the same but one can never predict the actions of a criminal. Better safe than sorry.


My first impression was that it's corny, but I started to like it after seeing it a couple times.

It's definitley entertaining.

I like how they build some of the 'criminals' up to be such bad asses, and the reason he's going after them is something like missing a court date for domestic violence.

I haven't seen very many of them though. I watch it when I happen to catch it.


The show's entertaining to say the least.
As for their gettup/arsenal, you know, by law they could be packing heat but they choose not to. The mase gets used on occasion and probably will save a life or two. Sometimes they do get into situations where looking and being tough (and having the spray) are essential.
But it's all good, brother. Hehe.



In a couple episodes that I've seen, Dog and his anorexic son and brother have tracked down women. And in other episodes I've seen, the guys are junkies who are too whacked out to try to fight back. I understand the entertainment factor of them hyping it all up with their outfits and their pre-capture prayer, but the captures are anticlimcatic, in my opinion.


The best episode was the one where the homeless/retarded guy mistook Dog & his wife for pro wrestlers, because of the way they dress.


That's goshdamn hilarious! (LMAO)


Isn't he the bounty hunter that went to Mexico to bust that rich dude?

I have seen parts of the show. He is a strange bird.


That be him brother. It was the Maxfactor heir who was drugging women and raping them.


I gotta claim, "You play like you practice." on this one too.


Thanks. It was bugging the hell out of me that I couldn't think who the rich punk was.


I knew this would bring out the "they got to be prepared" crowd and I agree with that, but you still can't deny the corn factor.

Also, as somone else said it's anti-climactic when they drive around for three days all pumped up and then apprehend a 95 pound female crack head at Jack in the Crack. :slightly_smiling:


Watch what you say about my mama!:slight_smile:



Its an ok show and I think he is a good guy. He claims if given the job he would get Osama in 90 days.

I give him a few hours befor insurgents are cutting off his head. Even so he seems to genuinly care and is entertaining.

They do seem to apprehend only low end criminals. I would like to see how BHs do it that go after people on the run for more serious offenses. Its gotta take guts to go after dangerous folks with no back up.


The captures are anti-climatic. I saw handful of episodes a while back hoping for a good fight struggle, never happened.

Agreed, I say they do give him the job of looking for Osama. I'd be fun to see him with a camera crew trying to capture him in the Middle East. Then see him a few days later on the news with some wackos trying to cut his head off with a blunt knife.


I think the corniness begins and ends with him. I also agree with the anti-climax sentiment. They really should've fleshed this idea out more. What executive thought that the criminal underground of Hawaii would be interesting? I'd say pick a more dangerous tropical location like Bogota, but that show would end too quickly. Also, I think if you had several BH "teams" and followed them all around, you might get a show.

Hell, COPS follows an entire precinct for a couple of days edits out the uninteresting police stuff and you still watch drunk and disorderly calls or the scenes where they arrest a woman because there is a warrant out on her for a violation of a restraining order. You know there's a problem with your show when you have to refine it to be more like COPS.


I think he is pretty good at what he does, it takes alot of footwork and persistance to track down people who have no known address. As for the cornball factor, I agree. The pepper spray is a decent weapon but only effective on 80% of the population, it's not fun when you tangle with someone who isn't affected by it. If I remember correctly DOG is also a convicted felon(manslaughter).


He got 20 years for first-degree murder. He used to be the sergeant-at-arms for the Disciples bike gang, so he definitely has the potential to be a genuine bad-ass. He got religion in prison, and turned his life around.
I agree, the show has a high corn-ball factor, but if I was going after felons, i'd go fully prepared, expecting the worst. He has captured over 6000 bail jumpers, so he's obviously good at what he does.


I like it. It's entertaining. I'll watch it when it's on and I have nothing else to do.


I dig it...the thing that gets me is that he and his wife seem like genuine nice people. In one episode the wfie was walking around barefoot because she gave her shoes to the woman they captured, (since she had none). Then Dog told her son to come to his house to chop down some bushes and he'd pay him. I do agree it's corny at times...And they definitely need a visit from the "what not to wear" people, they'd have a hay day with that bunch.