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What Do Y'all Suggest for Baseball Players?

What do you suggest? These Student Athletes are college baseball players between the ages 17-24 yrs old. I always have them order the Grow! Whey & the Branched Chain Amino Acid(BCAA)as a combo and they’ve enjoyed the results. They are currently out of stock of the BCAA’s.

I didn’t want the MAG-10 product because it seems to read more for bulky body builders who wants fast results which is different for baseball players.

Lastly,these athletes are currently involved in a (2) month strength & conditioning program in-which runs (1) hr in length with no down time except for water breaks. Its a very intense training for our college baseball team to prepare them for a successful spring training south this upcoming spring and avoid injuries.

Thank you for helping assist me in this matter.

Anaconda protocol.