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What Do We Think of the X-Physique Program?

This Eric Bach program dropped in this week’s T-Nation. Seems intriguing:

What do we think?

I think @bacher knows his stuff. As long as you can make the supersets work, you’ll be set.

Some people tend to complain about supersetting two or three movements in a commercial gym, but it’s generally not an issue depending on what time you go or if you use those magic words, “Can I work in for a quick set?”

I was disappointed that it had nothing to do with the X-Men. I’m sure it’s an effective program though.


Any program that makes you look like Colossus gets my thumbs up.


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Much better than Destro, that’s for sure.

looks like a great program for lower body! Just reading it makes my legs sore

I don’t doubt it would be effective, but it really demonstrates “different strokes for different folks”. I would absolutely hate to do a workout program with things like:
2:1 Accentuated Eccentric Leg Curl
Dumbbell L-Lateral with Extended Eccentric

…plus a long list of exercises with 1.5 reps, etc… I can get motivated to do a hard workout of 10 sets of squats, 150 dips, and 100 pull ups, but not one like this.