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What Do We Do When It Is Too Much?


I've been lurking on this site and love the articles but am really interested in the dialog in this politic forum. This is one of the few venues, aside from with my personal buddies where I can see what confident proud young men, (something there's seem to be a shortage of nowadays) think about what is going on around us and in our world.

'I Pledge To Be A Servant To Barack Obama.'

I just read the article, about the pledge...

Here's a thought...what do we do when;

Taxes are raised to extreme levels to justify socialist programs that neither benefit us, and hinder our growth.

Our right to bear arms is taken away.

Civil service becomes a band of pc thugs controlling our ability to further ourselves in society by labelling us as 'racists,' or 'terrorists,' for just being self-respecting males.

The Patriot Act tyranny is never revoked and new left wing police state tyranny grows.

Our economy collapses from the economic interventionism they are pumping in that destroyed it in the first place.

Our culture and religion is deprived and mocked from us in favor of multicultural bullshit.

And all the other bullshit you can think of; name some yourself.

What the fuck can we do?

"I pledge to...?"


Well you will probably see what that reality is like in about a year so hang on.


Obama was elected, and is the president. We must respect that.

I do hope for the best, but there are 2 possible scenarios, and neither is good. Either all the liberal actions result in things getting worse, and a lot of people get hurt in the process, or in spite of the actions taken already, and upcoming actions yet to come, there is a recovery (from this part true, part bullshit recession,) resulting in success falsely placed on Obama.

The single best thing anyone can do is to learn how economics works, and apply the principles into your life, and attempt to teach them to everyone you can.

As bad as the economy can get, there will still be an economy.

The economy underlies everything. People only look at how they are doing, and place responsibility onto the government. (Instead of themselves.) If people are convinced the economy is bad, and they have somebody to blame, then none of the other issues will matter to most of the population.

Now the right to bear arms has a strong constitutional backing, and if this right starts looking like it is going down, you will see a backlash.

For taxes, what I have heard is the left plans on keeping the bottom half of the population tax free so they feel no urge to fight taxation on the top half. This will only work on the people who do not understand why their hamburgers are suddenly $25.00

The ability to use terms like "bigot" and "racist" to manipulate people who do not tow the liberal line has been weakened the second Obama was sworn in. But it will still be attempted, obviously.

But the first thing to do is to chill out. The world is not going to end.

Changing back to Republicans isn't going to do shit until they get their heads out of their asses, and quit acting like Democrats lite.

Maybe the single best thing for this country is to see what is really is like to live under socialism.


"This is the strike of the men of the Mind, Miss Taggart. This is the mind on strike."

"If you saw Atlas, the giant who holds the world on his shoulders, and you saw that the more he tried to hold the world up the more the world bore down upon him, what would you tell him to do?"
--- Atlas Shrugged

(from memory)



What Goes Around Comes Around:
The Washington Times notes today that many of the recipients of federal bailout funds are also major political donors:

Many of the large American companies that received billions of taxpayer bailout dollars by pleading that they didn't have enough money to lend to customers were, at the same time, spending millions of dollars dispatching lobbyists to influence the federal government.

A Washington Times review of lobbying disclosure reports found that 18 of the top 20 recipients of federal bailout money spent a combined $12.2 million lobbying the White House, the Treasury Department, Congress and federal agencies during the last quarter of 2008.

For instance, the government bought $3.4 billion in American Express Co. stock on Jan. 9 as part of an aid package. In the last quarter of 2008, the company spent more than $1 million on federal lobbying.

The print version of the story also included a chart that listed all of the lobbying expenditures by TARP recipients, but I don't see that chart in the on-line story. General Motors spent about $6 million in lobbying funds over the last two quarters of 2008. Although that seems like a lot of money, it is a drop in bucket compared to the payback that they have received.

BB&T were notable (as is often the case) on the chart because they made no lobbying expenditures (and my impression from what I've read is that they apparently were a bank that was strong-armed into taking TARP funds even though they didn't want them).

Meanwhile, the President of Merrill Lynch has been fired from his position at Bank of America as it has been reported that he accelerated "year-end" executive bonuses to get them paid out before the B of A merger became final--and subsequent request for government TARP funds. He also spent $1.2 million to redecorate his office last year. It really does make me wonder sometimes how these guys can sleep at night.

Once the pork-barrel stimulus plan is finalized I expect we'll see a whole new interesting chart on the links between political contributions and stimulus expenditures.


Reaching deep with the speculation here.


When the time comes you'll know what to do...and the Marines will lead the way.



Yep. Our military, with their strong code of values, will save this country from itself. When the economy goes into utter and complete collapse and the politicians (aka scum) are no more in charge, our military will take over. Hopefully they will restore order and the ORIGINAL freedoms that made this country so great.

My older son just got accepted at Annapolis and wants to be a USMC officer. Maybe he'll be part of all this some day. Hope so --- he is far more moral than any of these criminals in DC now. Most of those characters should simply be tried and hung.


No, they won´t, because you cannot rule half a continent with " a strong code of values". Especially not as a quasi-socialist organization and that describes every military ever.


How many instances in history can you name in which the military seizing power for itself resulted in an increase of freedom for the citizenry?


You're picking out one minute fucking portion of the entire video. Get a grip.

Whose taxes are going to be raised? Are you making more than 100,000 a year? More than 250,000 a year? Stastistics say you're probably not.

No one is doing this, take off the tin foil hat. No one would be ABLE to do this, America, the entirety of America minus an incredibly small fraction would vehemently oppose a ban on all firearms.

How does community service have anything to do with political correctness? What in the fuck are you talking about?

This has GOT to be a joke.... You're joking, right?

Shit happens when you concentrate the majority of wealth in very few hands.

"Multicutural bullshit"? Do you know what the fuck E pluribus unum is? Do you know what the melting pot is? Do you know what the fuck America is about?

And all the other bullshit you can think of; name some yourself.[quote]

Yes, just how will I deal with all this and the other bullshit you and your ignorant ilk can concoct?


We're about to see the first.

Americans are the most moral people on earth. Look at Congress passing out all this 'free money' and all sorts of give away programs (Medicare, SS, medicaid, AFDC, on and on) and yet the American people still despise the criminals. They know these people are mostly criminals buying them off.

Our military will not sieze power but will have it thrust upon them. Being moral, they will return us to civilian power BUT with strict limitations which, one can hope, will prevent another collapse and descent into barbarism.


My god.


What is your problem?

Jesus will come down in his uniform and save the US.

Any questions son?


Its all there in the writings of Madame Blavatsky. Didn't you know?


I really do think there will be a revolt/civil war in the next few years. I just hope the 2 sides will be based on morals, and social policy instead of race. Unfortunatley most black people are liberal and I'm not. Liberal that is.


I don't know any black people that are liberals. I know they tend to vote democrat but they aren't liberal. They are just confused about what they believe.


I think you're right, Jawara, about there being a civil war. And I hope you're right about it being over social policy rather than ethnicity, because most liberals can't shoot for sour apples. :stuck_out_tongue:

I fear, however, that despite all the progress we've made in this country to resolve ethnic hatred, it's still there in a big way. In the inner cities, you have a lot of hatred and violence between blacks and hispanics. Elsewhere you have a lot of hatred between Asians and blacks, and in more rural areas you have whites who hate everyone. Simple ignorance explains a lot of it, but not all.

Political philosophy and morality are a lot thinner veneers than culture is, and even culture itself can't really compete with the deep, deep instinct to bond with those who resemble ourselves, and reject those who don't. The ones who have been able to overcome this, in situations when it really matters (like, say, the Bosnian civil war) are really the very great exceptions. As much as I hate to say it, I think non-governmental armed gangs are much more likely to organize along ethnic lines than along ideological lines.

You may scoff, but in Bosnia, people who had lived peacefully side by side for generations slaughtered each other without remorse once the ethnic lines were drawn. Bosnia isn't really the best example, because there isn't a hell of a lot of difference ethnically between a Bosnian Serb, a Bosnian Croat, and a Bosnian Muslim (all of them are southern Slavs, who simply inherited different religious traditions), but it would be wrong to call that a war between competing ideologies.

I really hope you're right and I'm wrong, Jawara, because you're a good man and I'd really like you on my side.

If you are right, however, would you be able to squeeze the trigger on another black man for subscribing to a "liberal" political philosophy?

If I'm right, would you squeeze the trigger on me for being deficient in melanin?

We probably have a little time before we have to answer these questions, but answer them we eventually must.


Which is actually kind of weird when you think about it...It was the southern democrats that where extremely racist and very much pro-segregation. It was democrats who kept racial discrimination alive and well up to the sixties. With out the racial discrimination of southern democrats, I believe racial equality would have been realized far sooner, but they were so powerful ever presidents where afraid to challenge them on it.


Whatever the wrong thing is, I think we'll do that regardless of who the president is.