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What do u think of Dr. Ken Leistner ? & help me w/a debate...

I’m having a major debate w/a guy on another forum who thinks roids are the root of all evil & is a HIT fanatic. he talks about leistner as a god… am i in the wrong here… or leistner really the expert he is claiming?

they r arguing steroids can never be good.
high carb is the only way to eat.
that HIT is the only way to train.
high protein does not lead to better gains/recovery?

no i have i mis-interpreted everything ive read here & the above is actually true? gimme some fuel for the fire.

Leistner is very knowledgeable about training issues, has been around the block for a LONG while, and isn’t afraid to state his opinions bluntly. He’s not in this to make friends (and in so doing probably makes more friends). He’s not real big on nutrition issues or extreme diets (going either way), and has stated his opinions against steroids repeatedly. I’ve read his stuff on Cyberpump, and I saw a video clip of him doing 405 for 23 reps (he’s not a big guy by any means). If I remember right, he’s a chiropractor who’s worked with a lot of pro athletes (don’t know any names off the top of my head). So, yeah, he knows his stuff. Is he a god? No, there’s only one in my book, but that’s going in a totally different direction. I think your friend needs to realize that not every one will respond to well to a HIT routine, and extrememly high volume routines don’t work well for natural lifters. In my opinion, you’re arguing apples vs oranges.

I am not an advocate of HIT, although it does work every once in a while. However, Ken Leistner is a serious bad ass. He is strong as hell, especially for his size.

HIT is not for everyone (although I believe anyone can gain a lot on it), however Leistner is about as real as they come. Here are some of his lifts he does on a video of one of his workouts: FULL squats 407x23, OHP 253x4, curls 154x4. Know any other 53 year olds who can do that at 162lbs BW? Greg

sounds too me that you should enlist louie simmons on your side lol. he has a nice article called “HIT or miss” and it’s a miss.

HIT WORKS!! but yes steroids can have health benefits.

dman, that article is PATHETIC!!! oh, he doesn’t like machines, unless HE SELLS THEM

As per usual, this thread has degenerated rather rapidly. But, back to the topic, Doc Ken is good value. If you want to go a-HITting, I’d suggest you read his work.