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What do to next?

I know that it would be hard to answer this question, but anyway… in the past six
weeks I used Cytomel at 25 to 50 ug per day, ephedrine and 100 mg Winstrol with 100
mg Primobolan per week. I used 4-split GBC training system 6x/week and 6 low intensity aerobic sessions, 30 min each/week. I ate low carb diet, 2350 kCal/day, 70 g carbs/day, 40 pw, 2.5-2.8 g/kg protein with 800-900 g carbs during 12 hours Sunday hog feast carb up.
The thing is that I look leaner, I have never been stronger, even during my mass phase (!),
but the scale shows the same weight - 196 pounds. What is happening here, help me out!
Was I somehow gaining lbm and losing fat simultaneously?!? I plan to do Delta 1250 diet
with GBC/GVT for 40 days and then perhaps Anabolic Diet. Suggestions what do to next?
Please, pretty please!

Get your bodyfat measured. This is something you should’ve already done.

This will sound strange to you guys because bf measuring is pretty much standard procedure, but I don’t have access to any bf measurement option! :-(((((