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What Do These Look Like?


Just curious what quantity people are using.


My last show I ran test prop and tren ace, both shot ED, up to a week before the show at around 4/3 ratio (I was running quite a bit because of a concurrent "experiment" I was running with GH, so I was using around 1000mg/700mg/w), along with GH. I added in oral stanozolol 3 weeks before the show at 50mg/d. One week before the show I completely dropped the test and went in on just the tren, winstrol, and gh. Some ephedrine and GH injected IM around 30 minutes before stepping on stage for a great pump.

I used Lazix, too, but would not do so again, as I had more success in the past doing my sodium/water manipulation myself, as miserable a thing as it is to do.

Also I did not really find much effect from the winstrol, and I am positive my winstrol was of the highest quality. In the future, I'll be sticking with masteron and just adding that to the stack. As a matter of fact, test/tren/mast is my very favorite stack.

Hope this helps.


I did a similar precontest cycle as Cortes. I ran Test E, EQ, and Tren along with Clen. I stopped the Test E 2.5 weeks out, and ran the EQ and Tren A through the two shows (back-to-back weekends). I also used Clen 2 weeks on/ 2 weeks off with ECA during the off weeks. I used dyazide the day before and the day of the shows.

I like dyazide over lasix due to the manner in which each acts. Lasix seems to be easy to overdo due to the loop nature, whereas dyazide is easy to judge, since its half life is relatively short and needs to be dosed multiple times.

My next competition cycle will have some changes to it. I will use masteron (much like Cortes), test P, and an oral this time. Cortes, I was thinking oral winstrol possibly, but I am surprised you didn't have noticeable results. I was also considering Halotestin (Fluoxymesteron) for about 2-3 weeks precontest as well, do you have any experience with it Cortes? I will also keep the clen and ECA on opposite weeks again. I will also heavily dose an AI the last week leading up to the show to ensure extra dry conditioning this time, as I think I didn't dose my AI high enough last time.