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What do T-Nationites do for Work??

Just curious as I have recently entered the wonderful Biotech industry as an accountant and am unimpressed. It’s cut throat with little loyalty for anyone who is not a scientist, does anyone actually like what they do?

I’m a Generator Technician currently working as a defense contractor in Iraq.

I work in a company with 5 other guys making gothic arches, oculi, and other architecturaly designed aluminum frames for churches.

It’s a lot of fun and very satisfying to see them become part of a building.

I get paid to look hard standing at the front of Best Buy, catching shop-lifters. Cake.

And I’m about to bounce at bars as well.

Yes. I enjoy what I do.

Counter terrorism for the US gov…I like it most of the time


It’s somewhat difficult.

[quote]Alpha wrote:
Counter terrorism for the US gov…I like it most of the time[/quote]

I wonder if that is as fucking cool as it sounds. (aside from the ultra danger part.)

[quote]Doug Adams wrote:

It’s somewhat difficult.[/quote]

Pimpin’ aint easy.

Im a college student slash HVAC technician

During the school year I am a houseboy at a sorority house. Its a sweet deal, I get free meals (made by a full time chef) and a buncha other perks too

I sit at a desk at verizon headquarters going ‘yes, i can still fucking hear you now’. all day. motherfucker is ANNYOING.

I make sure HolyMacaroni isn’t sleeping on the job.

Right now I work in a kitchen at a local restaurant. In about a month I’ll be looking for a new job because I’ll be going off to college.

I usually work at sea, able seaman or fisherman. I sometimes drive a cab or work at a local salmon processing factory. I don’t know what’s worse, seeing nothing but ice and the occasional polar bear for months at a time, or dealing with all the fuckwads you get in the back of your cab. lol

One more year of college, and I’ll have my captain’s papers. Still have to work my way up the ranks though.

I study articles and plug certain aspects of them into an excel-sheet. Can’t wait to get back to school…

you know those commercials you see where it says text 552 and send someones name to see if youre compatible?

im the ‘expert’ that determines whether or not youre compatible based on your names. theres actually a very advanced mathematical formula to it, i doubt youd even begin to understand it so i wont even bother to type it out.

Executive Chef for a large cross generational living campus. Which is everything from family apartments, senior living, assisted living, day care, and long term care. I feed them from 6 months old to 103!

Unemployed right now!


Qualified industrial electronics technician. Currently an electrical and electronics HND student. I’m currently working at a big renowned automotive company. Currently am part of a team of electrical/electronics/mechanical engineers working on Audi and McLaren Cars. At the moment I’m designing a parts database for the company. Nice job but shit pay, I’m more of an apprentice there. Hopefully within 2 years I’ll get my Bsc (Hons) in electrical and electronics and have a better pay.

Work in a pharmacy.