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What do People Eat at Work??

My goal is to gain size and strength, and I’m on WS4SB III. I started with an “all-around” program, so WS4SB didn’t kill me right off that bat, and I’ve been hitting that for a few months. I’m in the second week of WS4SB. The lifting is going OK, and I’ve seen some gains so far. I’m 6’3" and about 190 right now, so I need almost 300 grams of protein a day, which is kind of a hard mark to hit because I’m having problems getting enough nutrition at work.

My “before” and “after” work diet looks like this.

-4 egg omelette
-2 scoops whey with BCAAs
-1 cup low fat cottage cheese
-1 piece of fruit (usually apple or some watermelon)
-About 1 cup oatmeal, if I can choke it down. I’m a shitty cook.
-1 cup coffee

-As much lean meat as I can stand. Usually grilled chicken or turkey or lean hamburger or salmon. Ie, last night I had two chicken breasts, three turkey brats, and a turkey dog.
-Some kind of veggies, usually asparagus, corn, or broccoli. Usually steamed, unless I can grill it. I make good grilled corn. That’s about all I can cook properly.

Late Night Snack
-Some cottage cheese or a PB&J. Sometimes some cashews. Maybe some leftover meat.

I drink over a gallon of water a day. I don’t take any supps right now, but I’m probably going to start on some creatine next week after a three day business trip.

My problem is eating between the hours of 7:30am and 6:30 pm. I have an office job that forces me to stay near my desk all day, unless I’m traveling which happens about once a month. Its not even 9am right now, and I’m ravenous. Right now, I have a loaf of bread and a jar of reduced fat Jif in my desk, and this is what I eat all day long. I go to the grocery store looking for some more options and all I see is shit. I considered eating yogurt all day long, which sounds ok, but it would get old fast.

Does anyone have some easily transportable, high calorie, high protein recipes they use? I’d appreciate any ideas. Thanks.


Do you have access to a fridge? that would be ideal. If not, buy a cooler.

Also, I think on the T-Cell Alpha board, under the recipe thread I posted a recipe for my protein power balls (230 cals per golf size ball)

wholemeal wraps and pita bread are my main meals at work, usually packed full of tuna, mackeral or egg with chilli powder for flavour.

if you have a microwave get some lunch boxes of veg prepared.

nuts and seed mixes are also a nice snack.

today at work i am eating eggs, grilled lemon trout, SteelyD’s marinated steak recipe, almonds, two salads…there’s no reason you can’t eat at work what you do elsewhere, no matter where you are…it’s all about preparation.

Today and almost everyday I have a protein shake, 4 strawberries, and 2 tbs of heavy cream at 10 oclock. Then for lunch its a 10 ounce chicken breast with vegetables and a sweet potato. After its the same protein shake, 4 strawberries and 2 tbs of heavy cream around 3:30.

I have to second what most people said here. There are a lot of options for what you bring to work with you and it really is all about preparation.

Mid Morning Foods:

Simple Stuff - Metabolic Drive Bars, Met Drive Complete protein shake

Easy Stuff - Plain Yogurt (Greek is by far the best I use Fage and get it at Publix) w/ Honey or Fruit and a scoop of whey. Cottage Cheese with Scoop of Whey and fruit (Pineapple or Grapefruit is really good)

Hard stuff - Premade Protein bars (only because of having to get all the ingredients and make them.

Mid Afternoon Foods:

Simple stuff - Can of Albacore Tuna or Salmon.

Easy stuff - Wraps (low carb) with pre-cooked chicken strips, sauteed garlic-spinach, and balsamic, flax oil dressing. The chicken can be subbed for fajita steak strips, or tuna, or turkey.

I do all my prep on the weekend for all of my work meals. Like you I work in an office, but we have a break room with a refigerator and microwave. I buy the Fage yogurt 8oz cups, bring a freezer bag full of whey with the scooper in it, and then buy a carton of fruit (Berries usually) or a container of honey. Mix it in a bowl. Done.

For the chicken/steak/tuna/turkey fish I cook a weeks worth of portions on Sunday, along with any vegies I’ll be eating, throw it all in a tupperware container together and then bring the wraps (when I’m rarely eating them) in their own bag.

All of the mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks get thrown into a grocery bag and put in the fridge at work on Monday morning.

good luck.

What do I eat at work?

The same stuff I eat at home. You put it in tubberware and bring it to work. x2 on the cook up all your meat on the weekends.

For me:

mid morning snack
almonds or pecans, peice of fruit, string cheese

Meat and a bag of steamfresh veggies (awsome)

Mid afternoon
1 Red/Orange Bell pepper
can of tuna or 1c cottage cheese
fruit and more nuts

PS- I think you’re overkilling the protein for breakfast

Buy some Tupperware
Buy a Cooler
Buy an Ice pack

The key is preparation. It only takes me about an hour every morning to prepare my meals for the day and eat breakfast (aka meal 1.) It helps to cook meat in advance (I usually do this when cooking dinner (aka meal 4 or 5). I’ll use tuna or deli meat if I don’t have any meat already cooked.

Right now I’m leaning out so it’s a Metabolic Drive Complete shake and an apple around 10am and then spinach and a grilled chicken boob around 2pm.

When I’m getting hyoge, I bring two huge ass tupperware containers to work. One is full of rice, beans, and chicken, and the other is spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, and whatever other veggies I have on hand thrown in. Eat half at 10am, the other half at 2pm.

food at work

2.Small Igloo lunch box
3.Ziplock steam bag for veggies
4.Prepare 4 meals in advance with NuWave Oven

Example of my meal

MR Bar
Fish oil pills

6oz chicken breast or salmon
Steamed Veggies
Fish oil pills

Tuna or Hardboiled eggs
Peanut butter
Fish oil pills

All about planning and doing�?�

BTW Jlats, lunch looked tasty today, way to stay prepared…

I like to try new things. I work in a place with a fridge but no “designated lunches” just eat as you go. Takes me about 35 minutes to make lunch and 2 protein rich snacks a day. I recommend cooking food in bunches, like massive pots of chili then freeze it in little tupperware containers. Makes a great easy lunch.

the igloo cooler and a couple icepacks are your friend. I’m going to eat some tuna salad and avacado in about an hour. Mmmm avacado.

I had pocket fulls of beef jerky to snack on while working

and then also I would have the same thing at work I did at home I just had it in tupperware in the fridge
good group of ppl no one stole this new place is a bunch of felons and they will walk off with anything if its thiers or not
so I am forced to go to a little taco stand for carne asada

I miss the free soda at my old job though

I prepare my food the night before and bring it in 2 tupperware containers. I work 8 to 4:30. 9:30 am I eat beef jerkey and almonds. 12:30 pm tuna and hard boiled eggs. 2:30 pm chicken and veggies. Its all about preparing it before you get to work. I use to eat out all the time.

Thanks for the great posts. I guess I just need to get my ass in gear and start prepping some massive meals. I’ve never prepped in large quantities before, or prepped at all for that matter. I think its time for some Berardi.

I was looking at some T-Cell Alpha stuff and I can’t believe what some of them were saying. 2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight??!! It seems impossible for me at this point, but I’ve never tried it, so I should just shut up until I puke. . .

At this point, I’m going to focus on food that doesn’t take long to eat, like cans of tuna, hardboiled eggs, string cheese, veggies, etc. I just don’t have that much time at work and I don’t usually take a lunch break.

The goal will be 400 gs of protein a day and probably about 4000+ calories. Reading some of the stories on here, I realize that my past attempts have failed because of my diet, ie I didn’t recover and became too tired to lift, so I eventually quit. Wish me luck.

JehovahsFitness’s post made me think of this. Your protein power balls are awesome.

[quote]jlats wrote:
food at work[/quote]

Nice. Black olives on the left? I’ve recently discovered the awesomness that is kalamata olives.

Beef Jerky + Almonds.

It’s actually balsamic vinaigrette and olive oil (dressing to put on salad.

first meal on right is Frozen mixed veggies (from costco) and 5 oz Top round roast.

2nd meal is Spinach, onions, red bell pepper, cucumber, and 5 oz of top round roast.

i bought 3 LB roast for $1.50 a pound the other day thats why I am eating so much top round.

[quote]analog_kid wrote:
jlats wrote:
food at work

Nice. Black olives on the left? I’ve recently discovered the awesomness that is kalamata olives.

Get Gourmet Nutrition. The protein bar recipes are awesome – one of them was just posted on the front page. I make a big batch once a week and grab a few before I head out to work or anything.