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What Do Other Heavy People Eat?


My day looks like:
6-12 whole eggs,
3 cans tuna,
400g cheese,
300g nuts,
olive oil
(if training) 100g whey, 250g maltodextrin, 30g BCAAs

6'9, 280, 5000-6000 cals per day

How else do people get their cals in?
Last weekend I had to catch up on some calories and was devestatingly hungry so had 12 whole eggs scrambled with 250g cheese = 2080 cals.
Anyone else got any high calorie meal ideas? (NB I can't eat oats anymore due to intolerance but dry oats with a bit of cold water is a really good way to get 1000 calories if you eat 250g worth - can be done in minutes)