What do ketones look like?

Hi there, I’ve read older posts about ketones and ketosis and about seeing these things in your urine. What do they look like?
Do they make your pee bubbly or something?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHhahahahaah… Okay, Ketones? HAHHAAAHAHAAA…hahaa… okay seriously. You have to go get the KetoSticks to measure your urine. As far I know they are not little creatures swimming in your urine. As cool as that does sound…

Ketones are released when your body is in ketosis, which is basically hardcore fat burning mode. Certain toxins are stored in fat, among other things. Burning fat releases all this stuff into your blood stream, and it shows up in your urine. You cannot see ketones, you use urine testing strips to check your ketone content.

Certain toxins are stored in fats? Wait a sec, ketones are just markers of a metabolic shift. When you go no-carb, your body switches from burning mainly carbs/glycogen to burning fat. Ketones are not some toxic byproduct of abnormal metabolism Ketosis is simply an adaptive mechanism that helped us cope with starvation and environments where meat was the only available food source. (no carbs)

~o ~o ~o ~o ~o ketones swimming in my urine ~o ~o ~o ~o ~o Sorry, but I had to have some fun here. Not trying to knock the poster here. :slight_smile:

Don’t take what the other folks are saying to heart, they are just having fun with you. The ketones involved in ketosis are fractionated triglycerides, a byproduct of fat metabolism in the abscence of glucose. You need ketostix to measure them in your urine, it doesn’t change your urine a different discernable color. However, you CAN smell ketones. If you are in ketosis, your breath will smell bad/fruity, and your lungs may burn ( from the blood ketones, acetone ( nail polish remover) is a ketone so you know it has to burn in your lungs!