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What Do I Need to Work On?


Hi. New to the forums but been reading for some time. What I'm after is some honest advice on what muscles are lagging behind. Have some ideas in my head but it's hard to analyse yourself properly. Thanks in advance.


For some reason I'm having some issues uploading images. Hopefully I can delete the above posts...



Edit - Give up for now. Adding images but just not coming up. Will try again tomorrow.


No offense but it's too hard to tell at your BF %. Maybe add'l pics will help, but for now all i can say is no galring weaknesses, just more size (as always!). Not that you're fat, but you could consider a cut to help you assess better and potentiate further gains. We need a back shot and legs obv.


ur chest looks smaller compared to the rest of you but that could be because of the shot should probably post more pics IMO


You're GOD. You don't need shit.


Narrow clavicles and wide hips. Genetics are a bitch sometimes.