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What Do I Need to Work On?


any tips would help

New to the site and need tips for what i need to work on. I know i dont have legs pics so i will post in a few days.
My weight 173 pounds
My height 5'- 8"
Years training 1.3
Bulking right now
I will have before pictures up soon.


At least you look moderately athletic and not skinny.


If you are training for physique then you might want to hit up some extra chest and back work. I say this because you have a thick midsection and more chest and back thickness will make it look smaller.

Also legs. I bet you need to work on those too.

Also if you are going to post pics on here at least do it properly. make sure you have all the pics before posting. The only reason Im responding to this is because you are not ridiculously skinny and might not be a troll. You seem to have put in enough work to warrant a half response or so.



why on earth does everyone black out their faces? what are they trying to avoid happening? just really curious.

and what do you need to work on? try everything. not that you're all that awful. but the "what should i work on" advice is usually sought by those with some substantial training and progress under their belts when weak points really start to expose themselves. it's way too early to go there. if size is your goal then just keep trying to gain quality weight. you look a bit smooth so be careful not to gain too much body fat. go with a clean bulk. NO JUNK FOOD!


Good point. Im really not to sure why i bulked out my face. When I started to work out i weighed 150 pounds. My work out routine has not been really consistant. I really am going to focus getting stronger and take out the fat. Im 35 years old now and need to keep up with the hands of time. I work out 3 days a week and hope to up it some more. I feel i have generally good strength but want to be more cut. Also good point on posting what i need to work on. Maybe i should say. "please help me get better"


Here is the back shot. Any good workout tips for my back


tips for your back (and nothing revolutionary here):

re-focus yourself on your technique. Do back exercises really slowly and make sure that you feel the muscles you are intending to use. Think about your form and make sure that you are pulling from the places you want to be pulling from.

Don't be afraid to drop the weight down to make sure your form is good. I like to end sets for my back with a little bit "extra"... if i've been doing pullups, i'll end with a set of excruciatingly slow negatives (maybe using a stool and not doing the positive portion of the lift at all).

If i've been doing rows, i'll switch to cable rows for my last set and do a stripping set where i work to fatigue with each weight, then drop down the weight one plate at a time until i'm at the bottom of the stack and have maxed out every step of the way until there.

yeah... your biceps might give way before your back does, but just make sure that you are feeling it in your back too. and if you are really biceps dominant, do some straight-arm straight-bar pushdowns (don't know what to call them) or machine pullovers... something that uses your back but doesn't allow you to bend at the elbow.



Something that you should look into is solid planning. I imagine you might go into the gym and work out on the fly. Set up a good program, take the time to plan in the gym and when you're not lifting. Research and it'll pay off in the long run.

I used to compete in powerlifting, and always found that great results come from a foundation of compound movements like cleans, snatches, front squats, overhead squats,etc, especially after making the transistion into bodybuilding. I am actually about your height and weight but very low body fat - I focus on heavy weights and low reps.

Back? Man I stand by wide grip pull ups. But I mean REAL ones: full extensions without sinking into your shoulders or leaning back too far only using your arms to pull the weight. Watch for cervical hyperextension too. Get your form down, and start doing burn out sets . This is my routine:

  • Wide grips to exhaustion

  • Lat Pulldown to exhaustion taking 10 lbs off my bodyweight

  • Bent over Dumbbell Rows 65lbs to exhaustion

  • Deadlift the same weight without putting the dumbbells down to exhaustion

Rinse. Repeat.

Lastly, get a diet plan down and stick to it. Good luck and keep us posted.


Thank you for all the information. Is there a good work out plan to follow. Such as how many days a week to workout also a rounded routine. anything will help


I know leg pics.


Since you asked. I think I have somewhat of an answer. I saw a news report just the other week that said companies go online and snag pics without the consent of the owner and place them in ads for illicit things. I guess the chances are small, but that would be something to consider depending on your line of work. Imagine seeing your pic in an ad for phone sex or something. Not trying to be funny, but there numerous occupations that are touchy with this kind of thing. I remember a teacher that had pics on a dating site and the kids posted them all over the school. She quit the job just out of embarrassment. Not sure if that answers your question. If your a janitor or garbage man it may not matter, but I wouldn't suggest any high profile types post pics and if they choose to please make sure you're not wearing a thong or something silly.


You are just exact to my hight and weight, just a couple of years yonger (lol), and I had the same probs......I HAD to clean my diet up BIG TIME and lift heavy for at least 5 days out of the week, (alternating between just heavy days and EDT training), to get where I am now. You have a good foundation, you just have to rack it all up to the next level so to speak, with your diet and training. Give yourself a year of hardcore diet clean up and lifting and you will deffo see a BIG difference i'm sure!!

..... BTW, VERY cute pup ya got there! :stuck_out_tongue:


You haven't posted in 6 weeks, and you come back with this? Pathetic...


Thanks for all the imput and taking your time to answer my questions. Plus the last thing anyone needs is to have there picture stolen and put on some strange site.

PS to the brave guys saying how pathetic i have not posted to this site in six weeks. Tell that to my Aunt who just passed away laying on her death bed for 5 week. I did not know posting on this sit was more important than family. Go police someone else....Cheers


My condolences for your loss.

Let's get this straight. You not posting on this site is not what is pathetic. The fact that you are asking what you should work on, then asking for a routine when you are obviously too lazy to read all of the incredible material on this site is truely fucking pathetic! Use the search function. Read the articles. Good luck with your training.


[quote]animalmj wrote:
dagooch wrote:
Thank you for all the information. Is there a good work out plan to follow. Such as how many days a week to workout also a rounded routine. anything will help

You haven't posted in 6 weeks, and you come back with this? Pathetic...[/quote

Edit: With a post like this, there is no reason for the search function. Go to the beginners section and read!


I'd say you've built a pretty solid foundation, and assuming that the camera flash washed out a lot of the detail, I'd say to just keep going the way you have been, and don't freak out and try anything stupid.



You look like you have size but could use some more. Keep up the good work and post some leg shots.