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What Do I Need to Improve?


Hey guys, here are some older pictures when I was in contest shape (I didn't compete). I was 158 lbs @ roughly 5% body fat. I'm not that good at posing, but can you guys please critic + say what I need improvements on.

I know I need to work on my chest and arms... Thanks!


Front View -


Note: I am also natural, never touched steroids or any other banned substances. I really want to get more muscular all around, currently have MAG-10, Plazma, Micro-PA, and IG3...

If anyone could comment on the best approach, etc. Thanks!


You're pretty small, and I wouldn't call that 'contest condition' by any means. But I guess that's not so important to your question.

I would say legs should be your priority. Your arms too. Your chest seems fine to me, proportionally. Although that's not the best pose for anyone to judge your chest development.

You should post a picture of just a front-relaxed, neutral pose. Easier to assess.


I think overall, you don't have anything that seems to be lagging behind anything else (maybe calves?) from these pics, but simply that you need to continue packing on size. With your frame, and I don't know how tall you are, 158 lbs ain't gonna cut it.



Thanks guys, yeah I'm trying my hardest to add size. I'm 5'9, roughly 2.5 years of training. I just can't seem to pack on muscle without looking fat. Every time I cut, I end up same weight bf%.


Nice teeth.



chicks would love your body bro

just accept that you are never gonna be a big bulky body builder looking guy

just stay lean and looking like this, male model looking motherfucka!

you can still enjoy a healthy life style and lifting and concentrate on getting stronger or better cardio etc

or if you get mad just slap in some roid cycles once your over 28

you still looking better than 90% of most people at the beach and from all my years of womanizing id say you have the body that most chicks are after.

p.s assault those calves for a year


Are you left handed? Your left hand side looks bigger than your right.

But, arms, calves, thigh sweep. All could do with focus.


one of the worst posts I've seen in awhile....