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What Do I Need to Buy?


Alright, Ive decided to use protien shakes to supplement for 2-3 meals per day given my new schedule. I plan on eating a good balanced breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The shakes will be for the meals in between those, Im currently also using HOT-ROX.

Should I go with the Classic Grow! or the Metabloic Drive? Im also wondering if I need the Surge or Power Drive. I definetly think all of them will be over doing it. But mabye the Metabolic Drive would be good for replacing meals during the day then use Surge before workout and back to the Metabolic Drive before I go to bed. I want to gain muscle and kill this fat, so I dont want anything that would really make me gain.

What do you guys suggest? Do I need anything else?


It's difficult to help if you don't give stats, current diet, goals, etc.


Well though you weren't very clear on where your at as far as progress in the gym,if your looking to lose I would suggest restricting carbs a bit and Metabolic Drive is the best way to do this.


I would buy a 5 pound tub of cottage cheese and eat that sucker a couple times a day and save the Grow! for when you don't have time or whatever for food.


I'd say the most important thing is Surge.

Beyond that, spend your money on groceries.


You'll get a lot of know-it-alls telling you to spend your money on food, but these products are food.

If you don't mind the carbs, go with Classic Grow!. Otherwise, use Metabolic Drive to keep your protein intake high.

Biotest Surge fosters muscular recovery, whereas Power Drive supports neuro recovery. Choose accordingly.


Im 19, 5'5 and 180. This is my 3rd week of going to the gym. I do cardio every single day when I first wake up. I ride a bike for 15-25 minutes every morning and the same every night. I go to the gym on tuesday, thursday, and saturday. I do about 10 mins of cardio to warm up.

My diet is as follows:

1 whole egg + 2 more egg whites w/ cheese
On whole wheat lite toast.
Protien shake

Beef jerky/nuts or turkey sandwich

Salad w/ grilled chicken

Beef jerky/nuts or turkey sandwich

Regular dinner, Something reasonable depends on whats being cooked at home.

The diet varies, on gym days I substute dinner for the pre and post workout shake.

This is what im thinking of doing:

1 whole egg + 2 egg whites on wheat toast w/ cheese.

Metabolic Drive

Salad w/ 2 grilled chicken breasts

Metabolic Drive.


Metabolic Drive

On gym days I can sub dinner with the Surge.

How does that sound?


Unless you're trying to starve yourself, you need to eat a lot more food! My wife eats more than you and she's tiny.

What are you trying to accomplish?


Well, im trying to lose fat and put on muscle. The first one is what im doing now, the second is what I want to do.

Im thinking taking the shakes will give me more protien and calories, which is what im trying to do. As of right now, I cant really make myself eat any more. I stay stuffed all day and it almost hurts to eat so much. What would you recommend?

What do you think about the diet with supplementing with the Metabolic Drive?


Even if you're trying to follow the T-Dawg Diet, you need more fat in your diet because it's obvious that your caloric intake is likely too low. I recommend that do a search for the T-Dawg Diet.


if thats the case, what if I add 2 tbsp of natural peanut butter to each shake? I imagine thats an extra like 500 cal a day and some decent fat. that should put me about where I need to be without adding more meals through the day.

what do you think of that?


To be honest, I think you should follow the T-Dawg Diet as outlined and I don't believe that peanut butter is recommend in it.


If you are looking to add calories, instead of adding peanut butter to every shake, you could try using a MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride). They work very well with caloric intake.



whats an example of that and where can I get it.


Uh, not trying to be a know it all.
Just trying to give him a sense of priority.
Actual food should be priority one.

If that makes me a "know it all", i guess John Berardi should get that tag too.


The problem is that "spend your money on groceries" has become a knee-jerk response whenever someone asks about a supplement.

I'm pretty sure that Berardi wouldn't make such a comment without knowing a lot more about the posters diet to begin with.

One's diet is the most important element in achieving a lean, muscular physique, but unless you have a lot of spare time on your hands to prepare food throughout the day protein powders, MRPs, and protein bars are a great alternative to help maintain caloric and protein intake.

It's nice that you're trying to emulate John Berardi, but if you're going to do so put a little more effort into it.


With the knee jerk response of buy real food being used here it actually makes sense. The kids 19 years old and only been going to the gym for 3 weeks. At that little of experience would't it make more sense to do everything you can with real food, and supplement possibly with a protien powder? And really if you cook properly and get the right stuff in the house you dont need a protien powder. Also to the oringal poster, dont replace dinner with your PWO drink, take the drink and still eat the dinner.


Agreed. Once he gave more information this did become apparent.


Read Berardi's G-flux artilce, in fact read all his nutrition articles. Get a good routine going. Also read Chris Shugart's Quality Mass Diet.

In regards to getting rid of some fat; Berardi says you can gain muscle and loose fat- the key is balancing high cal intake with high output. You'll probably get a nice metabolic boost when you increase calories as they are bordering on starving. That alone will give you some fatloss.


Thanks for all the advise guys. If youve got any more left for me im ready for it. The problem is I pretty much work from 8-6 everyday and I cant cook during the day. The days I go to the gym im there from like 6:30-8. Ive been really comitted to eating right and stuff, just trying to get on the best possible track that I can. I usually try to eat a big breakfast (3 eggs, wheat toast, protien shake, oatmeal if I can get it)

The only problem is during the day, Im supposed to have 5 meals or whatever but I cant make all of them. I was hoping to have a good suppliment for between meals so that way at work I only have to worry about lunch. I try to get some sort of salad w/ meat on it or a wrap as I know that to loose fat I probably need to stay at or around 100g of carbs and 180g of protein. I find it really hard to eat enough food to get to 1700cal.