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What Do I Need to Build Muscle

here is my plan…

i want to build as much muscel as possible then if i need to loose body fat im going to do that after i build muscle.

i say i only need to loose 10lbs of fat

i don’t want any steroids
( i will be competing in sports )
and league coaches will frown upon that.

i can’t afford the suggested 3500 cals a day ( thats outrages! )

so i need a supplement… i live on prepackaged meals about 600 cals total and 1/2lb of fat…

im 240lb and 6’3 ( fat is mostly hips and back )…

i need 90 grams of protein i only want protein for muscel not my entire body as most people say i need a gram of protein per every pound of fat…

im interested in the 4 week V-Diet is there any starvation? because i hate the feeling of being hungry. or if im just wanted to gain muscel i don’t need the diet if not i need to know what supplements i do need

i want my body pushed to the limit.

You’ll need more protein than that.

[quote]scott44 wrote:
i say i only need to loose 10lbs of fat[/quote]

How do you “loose” fat?

Good luck on losing fat without being hungry.