What Do I Need for the V-Diet?

reading over alot of the V-Diet journals i’ve found that many people have added their own little twist to it… i would really like to give this a try but don’t know exactly what all i need. can someone help me with this? i mean aside from the Metabolic Drive, Surge, HOT-ROX, Flameout, and flax what all do i need??

MWA (link at top of page) has a special, just buy that, flax meal and natural PB.

I’d like to know the same.
What do I need to get for the V-Diet?

Everyone seems to use other supplements (Metabolic Drive and Flameout) than the ones Chris Shugart uses in his original post:
How come?

what’s the purpose of the natural pb? just for the fats, and extra calories if needed?? i mean isn’t that what the flax seed is for?