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What Do I Have?

Went to a garage sale [I know*I know] this weekend and the person was selling all of her ex b/f’s stuff. Mostly tools, weights, etc, but there were some unopened supps there and I picked some up. Whole box $50. As soon as I saw what was in it I scooped it up. Among the usual were 3 full unopened MAG-10. But on these posts I’ve seen that there was more than 1 formulation. Did I get the real thing. Label info: MAG-10 The Destroyer lot 03073-8/06. 84 capsules per container. Any feedback appreciated.

Sounds like you got the “real” MAG-10. I believe the MAG-10 Avenger is the “inferior” type.

Good find :slight_smile:

The non-prohormone variety is called Avenger with the good stuff being called Destroyer. So you’re golden. Except the ex might try to hunt you down…

It must be inspected!

You lucky S.O.B. I wish I could find stuff like that!

I agree with Mert. Send me a bottle and I’ll tell you what happens.