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What Do I Do With These Supps?


Okay guys, I have:
whey protein,
bcaa's (nasty)
and Im about to go buy some Ribose.

Anyone had any success with this combination? if so, whats the best time to take them? My workout is never the same time everday, as I am always working a different shift at work.
Oh, and I am taking fish oil in the morning (2 tablespoons) and a package of multivitamins from Arbonne.

Any recommendations? should I be taking ZMA? I dont even know what that stuff is. My goals are to lose about 20lbs and gain about an inch in my chest and a 1/2 inch to an inch in my triceps, all in about 4 months.


Why would you take anything if you don't know what it is?

First thing - the goal you have is very, VERY ambitious. So ambitious that it would take a full 4 months of absolute dedication and training, and as you are clearly a novice it would also take the coaching of an experienced trainer too, manipulating your diet, your lifestyle and your training to the optimal level.

The only hope you have is the fact you are so clearly a newbie that you will get fast results - now whether those goals are in range depends. If you are 50lbs over weight they may well be - but if the loss of 20lbs brings you to 3% then you may struggle a little..

IMO at least.

Second thing (other than making sure you have a surplus of protein in the diet) none of the supplements listed (or that can be listed) will give you anything that you could not have got without.

No 'combination' of supps is going to do for you what you want - you need to work your arse to the bone to get where you want to be (that is honestly true of everyone who has a great body or anyone who has made large improvements - NOT a drug or supplement).


I'm not particularly sure of your thought process or intent here, but you seem to be under the impression that these supplements are the key to your goals.

They're not.

Hard work in the gym, careful maintenance of your diet, and maintaining a lifestyle that supports health is what causes bodily change. No one here has ever built muscle, lost fat, or gotten stronger with much ease. We go to the gym and give 110% every time. That's the only way to advance.

That said, Brook is very correct in saying that these goals are very ambitious. How are you lifting right now, and what is your diet like? Maybe we can give you some pointers there.


IMO you shouldn't be taking anything if you don't know what it is. Even if everyone tells you you should.


You bought stuff without knowing their function?


Agreed. WTF?


The only thing Im clueless about is ZMA. But the other stuff I was just asking if anyone has taken them and how they did it and what were the results. Because I know what they are, But Im just not seeing anything special from them and Im trying to find out if Its my timing. Im uneducated in the areas of combinating these supps. It seems like I remember someone at the gym telling me not to take bcaa's with anything else because it will make them in-effective...this is the kind of information im trying to get to.

Im a beginner, but not as infantile as you may think. I have worked out in spurts since junior high. Ive just never been too good at it. I was under the direction of a personal trainer last summer and achieved the results I am trying to achieve right now (I actually lost 30 lbs in 3 months), so I dont think thats too ambitious, Im sure my body can do it. But Now that I dont have someone pushing me, Im afraid I wont have the drive to do that again without some supps...but if you guys say the supps wont work, then I will definitely take your word for it. Thats why im here asking. I guess Im just gonna hafta kick myself in the arse every day to achieve my goals.

BTW, I would say im about 20 lbs overweight. I carry it well, people at the gym dont know that. But my body fat % is around 15%. and Im 215 lbs.


Two threads on what supps to take / buy? Stick to food and heavy lifting mate. Go and read. When i first found this site i read pretty much every article back to around mid way through 2006 before i bothered posting in the forum.

Seems like your just being lazy.


I discovered Ribose in my cupboard that I'd purchased a long time ago and forgot I had it (I believe DiPasquale recommends it on the AD and that's why I had bought it).

Anyway, I thought I'd enquire through Mr Thibaudeau what to do with this - and his response was sublime: "throw it as far as possible for as many reps." Class!


I appreciate those of you who are posting positive, relevant responses and not forming false ideas and opinions on my character (kanew). After all, you are the only ones I would care to hear, as those like Kanew only show me ignorance. I dont learn from ignorant and arrogant people.


Though my thought process isnt in line with thinking supplements are the key to my goals, I do know that for me, supplements are a HUGE role player in achieving them. I believe that if you are a person who has all day to spend on achieving your goals through diet and nutrition, then you can and you should. But for me, Im a college student, a husband, a home owner, a bill payer, a business owner, and a full time employee. That means I might miss meals, I might need a bit of an energy push, I might need something to carry the nutrients into my muscles much faster than my body does, because I have a cramped schedule and need to squeeze a gym session in...Thats why Im asking about supplements all the time on here, and people are getting pissed like Im asking about drugs.


Your first post is an excellent example of ignorance. Calling you lazy is hardly forming a false idea/opinion on your character. Simply advising you to pull your finger out your arse and read a bit before posting three threads on what supplements you can waste your money on, when there's a shit load of literature on this site that advises to spend that money on good quality food before considering supplementation.


Lol, gotta love Thibs, never one to mix words.



Never heard of them. What do they do?


Dude, just stop. My first post was quite the oposite. It displays a person who is not ignorant to the fact that by asking people who have DONE it, rather than reading bias literature (yes, thats right, this site sells products, and tells you how to use them).

That should show that I have the intelligence to research what customers have to say. And if you look at the threads, there are differences. Also, While all my food is natural and organic, I simply do not have the time to pre-plan my meals for working out, or to write a routine.

Supplements are for busy people...consider the fact that a busy person is posting here to learn how to use supplements to achieve his goals that he doesnt have time for in dieting.

Supplements are for SUPPLEMENTATION...wow I cant believe I actually had to lay that all out for you. Why cant people just show respect on here. Dont bash people, just tell them any helpful information theyre seeking. Your actions happen to be directly related to you maturity.


You need to read these statements of yours again and they will tell you everything you are doing wrong at this point.


Congratulations, you're the first person to annoy me enough to actually log in and tap out a reponse on my iPhone.

Supps are not a workaround, or a time saver, or a "HUGE" part of anyone's goals. Diet, sleep, and lifting get you 95% of the way there, and if those are in place, then supps will give you that last 5%.

I don't care how much Surge or Flameout or ZMA or BCAAs you take. If you don't lift with intensity, you will gain nothing.


Wow, dude...shut up already. Do you really think I value YOUR feedback? nope. That means youre wasting your time, and mine. I know I know youre gonna have something else to say like "yah Im wasting my time alright" or something gay and retarded. The second 2 paragraphs were good though. I can appreciate feedback like that. But really, are you a child? whats with getting personal on here. Im sure you started somewhere. But I would guess with your arrogance you might think you were born straight out of the womb, a bodybuilder.

You say supps will give me the last 5%...great information. that puts it into perspective a bit. Now, Im wanting to know WHAT supps are best for that 5% percent, thats the point of this thread...maybe Ill ask someone else because I really dont feel like arguing with a kid-like mentality.


Apologies for judging you; you're obviously pretty serious about this. Hopefully this post will restore your confidence in our maturity on this forum.

First off I'd recommend getting rid of creatine (that stuff is like steroids and makes your balls shrink) and
picking up some BSN No-Xplode. That stuff getz you ripd.
Then your going to need a weight gainer; i'd recommend Weider Mega Mass 2000 or Pharma Gain; take two shakes mid morning, one BEFORE working out, then you NO-Xplod post workout, then two more shakes right before bed. Now you said you were busy so you might need a pick-me up and a little something to cut the fat, try Femme Slender Couture Curves, it's good stuff.

Hope this helps.


Kanew, Thanks alot man. I was actually about to entertain my thoughts of canceling my membership here.
I definitely dont want my balls to shrink. So no creatine, got it.
But does it matter that femme slender is for women? lol.