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What do I do with out my ultra fuel?

Let me clarify it a bit. I use ultra fuel along with a 3 scoops od designer whey. I dont like to combine them together. I drink them both right after my work out within minutes time. I like to keep them separit because if I want to adjust the amount of carbs or protein i take in over time than I can adjust them at will instead of having a premade mix of them both. Thats it. I am looking for another carb replenishment drink. You guys say surge… it looks like a good product, but like i said I liek keeping them separate so I can make adjustment not to mention I think it is more cost effective. I am considering just getting bulk bags of dextrose, and malto so I can create my own blend, but that is what Ultra fuel is to me. It is a simple mix of these sugars and it just saves me some time and it tastes good. That is what I am looking for premade. If i cant find it, than I guess I will make it myself.