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What Do I Do With A GNC Gift Card?


My parents got me a $50 GNC gift card for Christmas. What in the hell am I supposed to do with it? I'm well aware that most of their sports-related supplements are trash, but I can't waste 50 bucks. It's hard to mess up plain creatine, isn't it? Are their vitamins any good?


Dude, the stuff isn't horrific. Okay, some of it tastes horrific, but the creatine is fine, I'm sure a lot of the other basic type things they have are fine as well. I wouldn't waste the gift card on anything from the "Elite" seriies. Maybe some MRPs. Just go and get whatever.


Their creatine monohydrate is good, they also sell alot of other non GNC products. You could probably also get some good supps like flax/fish oils as well. I think I may have seen HOT-ROX there.


Make sure you buy at least one bottle of whatever they have locked in the glass cabinet. It has to be good shit if it's locked in the cabinet, right?


I work at GNC:

Buy Fish Oils or Salmon oils, Flax Seed oil, Multivit's, Creatine, CLA, anything Instone especially the MRP's(GOOD TASTING STUFF), or IsoPure protein powder.


What the hell? I didn't post this


Buy anything, then return it for the cash.

Actually, the GNC here in town still has MAG-10.


I bet it's in the glass cabinet.


You could stick it under the leg of that wobbly table.


Great. Now I know what the next T-Jack prize is... -the Starkdog


They do sell HOT-ROX there, i usually get my creatine from them, and if you do any training dealing with endurance, EnduroxR4 isnt a bad supp either. Ooh, and I like their little shakers that they sell for like 3 dollars.


You could get a Body for Life book?


buy some creatine and some whey powder for the next time Surge goes out of stock :slight_smile:


you could use it for chopping lines,instead of the good old debit card, that way you don't show your drug habit to every cashier that you hand it to.Just joking. cashiers do coke too.


You have two options.

  1. Sell the Gift Card in eBay, use your profits for Low Carb Grow!

  2. But $50 worth of
    "junk" at GNC. Return it and get a cash refund. Use the money for Low Carb Grow!

hope that helps.


Twenty shaker cups and cut down on dish washing.




The way I see it, some GNC's are better then others when it comes to selection and sales. Corperate stores vs. Private stores may have different, often better, variety of products that arent GNC brand. I will vouch that GNC brand protien shakes taste like vomit and I will never buy them again. They're so bad, they taste the same going down as they do coming up. Nevermind nutrition, your body wont have time digesting as your hobbling over your toilet seat - if you make it that far. GNC's vitamins arent bad at all. I dont know anyone elses experience with them, but I take their vitamins over "The Vitamin Shoppe"'s vitamins anyday.

The whole glass case deal isnt a bad idea. Its for bottles or products valued over $60. Get some extra cash and buy a bottle of HOT-ROX or two. The Instone line of products are a good idea if you're sick of Mesotech's delusional monopolizing hubris. They remind me of your gross stalker girlfriend in high school, you know, the one who always tried too hard to get others to like her cause she looked like all she watches is PBS, and JUST cause you said "hi" to her, not even, to someone else who happend to accidently stand next to her, she started following you around the hallways eyeing you like the new guy three cells down in State, waiting for shower time.. no matter how many times you try bieng nice with 'leave me alone' remarks, she still doesnt get it, then tells people who arent listening, like her own parents, that you're going out with her, and then advertises all these false claims and misleading premises about things you never said and did, so when you do get pissed and decided to call her out seriously, she acts like you dont know what you're talking about and tells you about all the dates you went on, like charity fund raisers for retarded kids with cancer and hot air baloon rides, which needless to say never really happened. If it werent for the really hot cheerleader you're banging, you might have ended up shooting her and then yourself. Shes like cancer, the more you dont want to see her, the more shes there, the more bullshit she spreads, the more fake she looks, the less her own teachers liker her (as if ever in the first place) the more precious oxygens' bieng wasted on, like a waste of shelf space where something meaningful and valuable can be placed and actually, at the very least, LOOK like it would serve a purpose.

Yea, Mesotech reminds me of that.


Awwww shit, my apologies for that post.

Buy some boxes of Tri-o-plex bars, ive had success with them, or maybe the creatine monohydrate formulas that are GNC brand, Ive used those too. CLA is a great choice as well, but dont opt for the L-carnitine elite series. Ive seen the non-elite L-carnitine do better.

I hope at least that helps a little.