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What Do I Do? Please Help!


Ok, Here it is, my wife thinks I'm crazy for doing this but I know you guy's can help. I know I'm FAT so I need not be told. Hence the reason I'm here. I am 6'5", 280lbs and 28yrs old. What do I do?

Although, I have lost maybe 15-18lbs. I feel that I have stop losing weight need to know what would be the diet plan and training plan I need to drop 12-14 pounds of fat by summer with minimal muscle loss. I know my diet is needs work. I eat clean just don't think I take in enouph cal.

So I think my body is holding on to my fat. I do train very hard 5-6 times a week. I supplement with whey,ec stack and Methoxy-7... have been reading up on some of Chad W's workouts they look great but would like input from you guys. I have been lean and muscular before when I was in the Marines.

So I know I have the gentics for the body I want but never have startd from being fat like am now. Please useful suggestions please.

Thank's Rifle


Start here...



Start listening to your wife.


Women are never right, sorry wrong Answer.





Cycle your diets every two to three weeks or when you stop losing. Eat 5-6 times a day. Eat only meals that are no more then 300 calories and very lean. 7 grams of fat or less per meal. Drink lots of water, like a gallon or more a day to help with your appetite.

Get lot's of cardio, get as much protein as you can in your meals, while staying under the calorie max per meal.

Stay busy!


280?? Fair dinkum?? i know u are 6,5 u only look about 240? u must have some big ass legs on ya.

Yeah mate do a total body weight training plan TBT for example and do a 20min really high intensity style training for cardio,works great,its fuckin hard but its all over in 20mins plus its keeps your matabolism elevated for ages so that means more calories burning up :smiley:

Good luck man



Unless she says he's fat.


Most important thing is to get active.

What helped me lose the fat

  1. Aerobics workout 1st thing in the morning (10g of protein) Mix power walking one day, sprints another and swimming the 3rd.. then repeat

  2. Eat 8 meals per day, more if you can but each has to have protein and only 2 can have simple carbs (morining and after workout with weights).

  3. Lift as heavy as possible in good form. 3 is enough and you will not have that much energy or stamina bc your calories are less than normal

Forearms and calves get worked on separate days
Reps will depend on energy levels

  1. Get more sleep! It is important to get extra hours of sleep before 1200pm

  2. Eliminate all candy, junk foods, fried foods, chocolate and all processed meats. Replace with chicken, lean fish and protein supplements


5 - 6 meals no larger than 300 cal. Do not listen to that advice. That is only 1800 max cals. The guy didnt say he wanted to starve himself, cmon now he is 6'5" 280 lbs.


You want a 280lbs guy to do sprints?


Can you give us a sample of a day's diet?


There's so much info on this site for weight loss. Do a search and pick one. Follow the routine, avoid cheating at all costs and watch the flab melt away...


Decent advice. I'd suggest one of Thibadeau's diet guidelines, like the Beast Evolves protocol from a few years back.

Also, you can say goodbye to starch... luckily it sounds more depressing than it really is...


if i had yer frame... all i would be doin is workin out

get a tire and do wat they do on worlds strongest man competetition =D


I would beg to disagree with some of your points.

First, i don't think cutting fat out is condusive to losing weight. There are alot of studies and links here to back that up. Do a search. He should be getting alot more than 35 grams of fat a day, even if he is trying to lose weight.

Second, I don't think cardio is very condusive to lose weight either. I think heavy duty intense weight training would be a better bet as well. Again, there is alot of info backing that up as well.

Just some ideas.


Good info thanks. I do lift heavy as I can as often as I can...5-6 days a week. All the muscle doesnt mean shit if it's covered in blubber. I was chatting with the owner of my gym. He's competed and trains others that have. He was telling me to do some cardio in the morning before breakfast and no more then 2800cal a day. I was also reading a thread in here on the 100 workout to get ripped and it made sence to what I was told to me earlier today. I will post more pics. I weighed myself today 270lbs. I just wish getting in 2800 good cal were easier. That is kicking my ass!!! I think the training is the easy part. Maybe that is because I love it. Thats just me.


No my wife never once said I was fat. She never had to and she's not a shallow bitch.


How intesnive is your program? If its balls out the way it should be, you should be having major issues lifting 5-6 days a week. You should be gunning for 3-4 max. At 5-6, i dont see how your NOT overtraining and tired/fatigued all the time. I think your current program just isnt hard enough if you go at it 5-6 days a week.

Im not a fan of the 100 workout ripped city thing UNLESS your already lean to begin with. Its primarily for already well experienced guys looking to shed a few extra pounds. Not for a higher BF newbie guy like yourself.

Gettin in 2800 cals should be a breeze. Get some Grow! I limit myself to around that as well, and Im only 160 -ish. I find myself constantly hungry any time Im under 3000 calories. So again, if your REALLY training hard as much as u say u do and eating only 2800 calories a day, you should be losing weight rapidly. Again, I think your program isnt cuttin it.